Q&A Marijuana Prices! Grams quarters Halfs & Wholes

Gotfeeds question fro ireland he gets two gs per 50 these are my marijuana prices bro hope this helps! Much love smoke something and stay lifted! Enjoy… Co…


  • Hoboclown420


  • Vodka viking

    25 euro for a gram in Ireland 

  • Cole Bowman

    ny state- 15 or 20 for a g of loud. 8th of loud 45 or 50. 85 or 90 for a
    quarter. 150 for half. 280 for an oz

  • Luke Evans

    €20 a gram in Ireland 

  • StatemProductions

    250 for reg zip, 300 for top shelf zip in ATL

  • isaiah gallegos

    $35 for 10gs on my block 

  • john marcus

    I can buy kush for 5 bucks a g and 7 for real good shit 

  • Onision anderson

    I get $20 for an ounce

  • Megan Lawton

    I live in Vegas and I get $40 for 5gs LOL fuck that shit
    I lived in CO too and I got $10 a gram from the dispensary next door 

  • Evan Foulkrod

    I get quarter ounces for $90.

  • Bryce Wmly

    Top shelf 60 an eighth if you pay less then that its a good deal but most
    likely not top shelf 

  • Shreed Koraku

    25$ for 3.5g, with normal quality

  • TexasWolfsRain

    40 for 3.5 g in texas

  • atomicwizard withashotgun

    $20 for 2 grams for the good kush in ontario

  • xXFender13Xx

    I feel bad for these ppl 🙁