Pot Meets Pop in New Marijuana Soda

Pot Meets Pop in New Marijuana Soda

A California entrepreneur is marketing a new line of medical marijuana soft drinks. Canna Cola contains THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, and wi…
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Keef Cola medical marijuana soda Day#24

This is a 100mg THC orange Keef Cola. I. Picked this up at the Ballpark Holistic Dispencary in Denver, CO.
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  • chrychek

    A better argument is that THC is a vitamin that we’re all deficient in. It
    cures diseases but not in this form. This is a waste of medicine.

  • odom602

    why is this such a huge story? NEWS FLASH!!!!!!! pot can also be put into
    cookies! holy crap! were all gonna die!!!!! hide your kids, lock up your
    wives, keep the dogs at bay!!! what a bunch of pussies, if I can literally
    buy a drinkable substance that CATCHES FIRE when it’s put to flame…ie.
    everclear! I should be able to catch a buzz on an orange crush, so fuck off
    nay sayers, and get life…..

  • MrDrgreenthumb666

    bad ass

  • elwood troxel

    cant wait to get some

  • ndahal0

    Yeah he doesn’t do marijuana himself, but he does massive amounts of
    ecstacy ^_^

  • Shatterrrr

    he sounds like a pedo

  • thestlcards990

    um, brownies and cookies are attractive to kids? but they can still sell

  • JackNiccels

    grape ape FTW!

  • Higher Consciousness

    lol he kind of looks like weird al yankovic !

  • ajb3329

    my ass that he doesnt smoke bud

  • iscream22

    They’re much safer and more effective than the majority of prescriptions
    out there for nausea and pain. It should be legalized in every state

  • amayagab

    This announcer blows!

  • tatomuck18

    more kids abuse alcohol than pot cause alcohol is legal

  • Dongle McTitties

    Im happy for this guy, he seems real chill.

  • ryan dehoop

    Rich Couch seems like a bad ass.

  • risingpauler


  • what0103

    i want some of that GrapeApe

  • theorem

    You have to accept that not everyone shares your view. Some people will be
    really offended. Washington and Colorado somehow managed to cross a barrier
    where not enough people are offended by marijuana to keep it illegal. That
    kind of branding will offend parents and people who don’t believe in self
    control, and in effect lower the acceptance rate.

  • Jay H

    Nice artwork.

  • Alex bballer

    What???? Dude your so lucky a weed soda lol ,did it do the job ? Lol

  • MMJ Vid

    Oh ya and after I had a bowl of Strawberry Cough bud with some Strawberry
    Cough Flake that day. Stay tuned for that strain day.