Police hope to curb teen drug use with free tool

drug driven suicide – poster campaign (hdr)
drug use
Image by Adam Foster | Codefor
A poster to be used for a drug awareness campaign titled "Worried about Someone"? Designed to be used by the independent drug awareness and advice service FRANK.

The poster uses dark and abstract imagery manipulated to look like a disturbing scene of a drug abuser clearly distressed/confused and in need of help. An unreal yet serious eye catching appeal is used in a bold attempt to get friends of, or drug users themselves to contact FRANK.

I tried to use shocking and serious content to show the consequences and seriousness of drug abuse, past campaigns from FRANK I found where either too comical or too information rich. I have kept the posters simple but with a clear message that hopefully friends of drug users will pick and act upon.


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Police hope to curb teen drug use with free tool
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