Plan Your Gardening Activities Around The Seeds You Have

As most gardeners know who shop online or from catalogues by mail order, shipping costs have increased tremendously. That, in addition to companies putting fewer seeds in seed packets, has made being frugal with seeds a must. Gardening need not be expensive if some of these tips are followed.

For quick savings on garden costs, gardeners can consider sharing that cost with others. Split up your seeds among several friends or family and all of you will come out ahead. You will be able to buy in bulk and save a bundle. Most folks grow basically the same items anyway.

When a person is going to town for an errand, that would be a good time to purchase your seeds. Makes sense to do as much as you can on each trip to save on gas, which can add to your garden costs. One can also save on shipping costs by making purchases locally, not online or by mail.

Using every seed possible is another way to decrease garden costs. To make them go farther with less waste, put the seeds in with some other kind of growing medium like peat, and so forth. When this mixture is spread on the soil, it helps to eliminate too close of spacing. Of course, that means less waste when thinning to proper spacing. Check your packets for that information.

Trade different seeds for something you do not ordinarily grow, but that you would like to. Other gardeners might like to do the same thing. For nothing more than time involved, many of you could try out new plants.

If a person has decided to try and save seeds from plants they have grown themselves, they must be careful to only grow open-pollinated plants. These will be pure in variety and if not grown near any other similar varieties, will remain true in character. If they are contaminated, the seeds will not produce true produce from tat same plant, but will revert back to one of the parent plants. Heirloom plants are of this quality, and are loved by many gardeners for their exceptional characteristics.

When deciding to save seeds, having the true correct seed is crucial but also important is keeping them viable for several years, in case a year does not produce perhaps because of environmental issues. If one has sealed the seeds, even those purchased in packets, into airtight containers, they can be frozen successfully for additional time past what the manufacturers indicate. In this way, also, one does not have to purchase seed every year but can still continue on with the gardening activities they love.

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