Pipe Hits (Purp) Weed smokers only. – Call of duty Ghost Thoughts! – Gaming c…
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Easy to make pipes to smoke marijuana made from basic household items. Learn to make a Gravity Bong, Steamroller, Foil Pipe and Apple Pipe In this episode of…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • TokyoRoyalty

    lol, and I just smoked weed for the first time out of a coke can. 

  • Trevor Pearce

    LOL ‘ one quick tip on how to ghost, become the vaccume no homo’ hah best
    part XD

  • darthaq

    What’s that wire that you used to light the bowl with?

  • BrAnDoN_ wBbA

    Ill be getting two 8ths for my iphone 4

  • AK2WI

    Your fingernails are disgusting 

  • Adam de leon

    I remember my first time i fuckin burnt my nose like dumbass lol

  • TheOriginalPeewee239

    One quick tip on how to ghost be the vacuum no homo lol cx

  • Rafael Molina

    You can tell this guy is either already high, or burning out. Talking about
    his nails.. BAHAHA xD Niceee

  • shan ansari

    Yo guys roll up or pipe

  • Erick Hernandez

    Don’t suck the smoke in it damages your lings even worse

  • Nikolas Maes

    how many hits do you take of that one dose
    and do you have a kickhole on it

  • OneTwistedChannel

    nice piece man

  • totnes annie

    You’re very sweet.

  • luis zapata

    3:36 wtf!? Jaja that was something trippy

  • SierraLeones12

    A ghetto tripod lol 

  • Malik Richards

    Blaze to dubstep

  • bobgreene5050

    greeen with purp in it is not purp pussy gets some good kush bitch boyy

  • skrillexsn

    That pipe look like a small dildo hhh

  • Donovan R

    Which Is Better For Your Health Bong/Pipe Or A Joint 

  • jonasp28

    Why does he use a stick to to spark. 

  • Rey Diaz

    Cant Ghost For Shit

  • Joeyplaysgames

    i have no problems with weed but tin foil…come on it can give you

  • Cody Plocek

    drugs suck it makes you stupid science proved it 

  • Montana MacLeod

    Smoking with aluminum foil releases chemicalsthat can harm you later in
    life, I used to do this but I learned ITS NOT SAFE. Just get a fucking
    metal or glass bowl, poke it through the top of the cap.

  • Bud Lite

    got to try the apple pipe!

  • Nathan Stewart

    this dude think hes a doctor or what??

  • Upular Gamer

    +cody Plocek you are completely wrong, the studies on marijuana conducted
    by the government came to a false conclusion that marijuana kills brain
    cells, they came to this conclusion because they basically replaced the
    (monkey) test subject’s oxygen with marijuana smoke, and a lack of oxygen
    for 4 minutes leads to brain damage, so take a hint (or should i say…
    take a hit)

  • Cyrus Northey

    does this guy actually have a job that would require him to wear such
    formal clothing or is he just wearing it to look professional 

  • sabotoge26

    This dudes fucking hardcore

  • Kugel

    is there a way to filter the smoke so that i dont inhale the ash?

  • Riley Bickford

    never use tin foil it is extremely bad for you when it gets burnt. It has
    been said to leave bubbles in your brain from inhaling the toxins that is
    given off.

  • Patrick Sherratt

    Hi guys any idea on how I can smoke a minimal amount of marujana and get
    the maximal high? Also I’d like to note I don’t have a bong.

  • Colton Mahl

    Your the dumbass smoking aluminum foil… Have fun with alziehmers not
    gonna be able to remember shit 

  • Ty Foster

    i mean i wont juge but y would you put something in your lungs thats not
    air…? just asking will some one please tell me

  • Esteban1530blg

    Never smoke with aluminum. You will kill out all your brain cells. 

  • Wajkosz

    haha at the end he is fukking stoned cause he had to try all this stuff to
    smoke out ;]]]

  • ive sim

    the Boss! :)

  • Griffin Heibel

    This guy gets paid to get high like wtf

  • Ryan Witney

    Loved this. Thanks :)

  • PerfectionAlexandra


  • chronic vidz

    a metal bowl would be better than tinfoil j.s

  • John Weed


  • finolaine da silva

    aluminium is not dangerous to inhale?