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  • df393

    For those who haven’t tried it (my experience):

    Basically, when you initially smoke it, your heart beats and you get a
    little nervous and giddy for 5 minutes like caffeine but then you calm down
    and mellow out.

    My perception was totally normal. I didn’t hallucinate. But the daytime
    looks a little brighter and forests/trees/the sky have a little bit of a

    As for what it does to the brain itself, you don’t feel impaired or poorly
    coordinated like alcohol, and you can think vividly and clearly.

    It’s just your body, emotions, nerves and your “spirit” (for lack of a
    better word) that slow down. Basically, you’re able to converse normally
    aside from a few small memory lapses. I forgot the word “frame” and used
    the word “flame” instead, but that’s all.

    You’re able to focus on a single task and think clearly about it without
    being distracted by dozens of other thoughts.

    Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get the munchies. Turns out, without all the
    stress, there’s little need to shovel tons of junk food down my throat.

    My frequent tics, switches, blinking and other little habits went away. I
    went from not opening doors for people (because they’re phony and fake) to
    opening doors for everyone and saying “hello sir/mam. have a great day” to

    Also, the most boring activities you can think of sitting through are
    tolerable. Usually, I get really upset if I have to sit through something
    without my cell phone, laptop or anything “productive” or “stimulating”,
    but marijuana just helps it all.

    It makes me feel… normal.

  • Brodzzzzz


  • B’atriss Mendez

    Im so high, now im overthinking if i have Schizophrenia…shit… 

  • debbiewasshername

    i dont like getting the munchies, but I love weed cause it makes me think
    interesting thoughts. I think they should blow weed smoke over battlefileds
    and war zones. I bet the soldiers would chill and give up fighting and get
    high together.

  • Col Johno

    i smoked weed every night after work for 20 years. I have a respectable
    paid job and go to the gym 4 days a week ripped like a tin of baked beans
    and smoke more bud than cheech and chong and i look and feel fucking great
    🙂 x

  • Geordie LAD

    It should be legal if you can’t die from it? Alcohol can kill you(liver)
    and weed isn’t even a drug it’s a plant tbh

  • bassinassasin90

    Just slept for 3 days lol. Can’t you die if you don’t have water for 3
    days?? Lol yes you can! And she wasn’t very clear about the long term
    effects, which are proven to cause anxiety and loss of spiritual sence and
    many other things. I use to be a big pothead about 4 years ago, at first it
    was fun but the long term effects drew me away from it. I’ll probably get
    some hate for this comment because most potheads are very sensitive about
    this subject and love arguing with people about it. Which is fine however,
    when you abuse the drug I know first hand the long term effects. There are
    literally thousands of simple and natural ways to prevent and cure cancer
    cells. So if you want to debate, feel free! Marijuana does heave benifets
    and consequences as well. But if you abuse it and smoke it all day and
    don’t need it don’t argue with me because chances are you probably type
    like this, (weed iz good its nvr killed ne1 so that means its tha best
    thing god made). Also every drug effects people differently and some
    phycological symptoms of marijuana my be all in your head, paranoia,
    anxiety, and lack of focus but it’s still the effect the drug is having on

  • Zel Pozharruchyei

    A close friend of mine has high functioning autism, and mild schizophrenia.
    He always complains about noises and voices in his head, occasionally even
    screaming because of the intensity of these episodes. I’s quite scary
    really. He began smoking cannabis a few years ago, and ever since then, his
    episodes have drastically reduced in frequency and intensity. He also got a
    bachelor’s in finance.

    I’m not saying this is true for all people, but the video ended on a
    negative note with the mention of marijuana’s effect on patients with
    schizophrenia. The truth is, cannabis effects everyone differently, and we
    simply do not have enough legally regulated studies to say we understand
    the plant without personally trying it for ourselves.

  • Mappy Poo

    Notice how there was seriously 0 bad effects that we’re backed up by data
    and facts

  • JojoPeg Games

    Weed shouldn’t be illegal in parts of the US maybe we should be able to
    aloud to smoke it when we are 18+ because children could have strong side
    affects. I don’t know about any medical things I’m only 12 tell me if you
    agree. (she said it doesn’t cause cancer YOLO)

  • Elio Martinez

    Omg no wonder them hot flaming munchies taste so damn dry 

  • Dhruva Bharadwaj

    Poor rats!

  • reny rosales

    This why I be sleeping to much

  • RaidHeaven

    Just slept for three days, lol…………

  • Singh

    Do the same with alcohol , even your soul will die , if soul is a real

  • Leon Polyzos

    The only bad thing about weed is when people get hooked on the feeling, not
    really addiction, but just have a desire to smoke a lot, spend all their
    money on it

  • Naturaal Gaamer

    Thank god I’m in a country where alcohol and drugs are illegal. Happy and
    healthy life for me.

  • Rafael Serna

    Lucky rats