Patrick Kennedy Stands Up AGAINST Marijuana Legalization Movement

January 06, 2013 MSNBC News


  • tret thriple

    Fuck PJK, fucking blue nosed oxy head hypocrite getting more kick backs
    from the big Pharma


    Yeah! Send pot smokers to reeducation camps! That’s the ticket!

  • edmari440

    It can only move forward from here.

  • Wilson Tenney

    he got hooked on oxy because pot was illegal… so he still fucked up.

  • Dack Isback

    Former opiate addict pushing prohibition? Why doesn’t he volunteer himself
    to go to prison for all the pills he popped?! Hypocrite.

  • Tzimnewman3

    Fuck Kennedy

  • dese

    id much rather have my children smoke a joint than get drunk

  • Dack Isback

    Fucking Democrats…

  • riethc

    Thanks God! Libertines are taking over this country. Time to strike back.

  • MaxCloud91

    legalize it damn you

  • Mephistahpheles

    I was rather amused by my doctor. I’ve been trying to quit smoking….which
    has resulted in a number of issues: mood swings, depression, anxiety,
    insomnia, physical pain. He offered me prescriptions to 7 drugs (about
    $600.00 per week, give or take depending on voluntary consumption)…. or
    just 1: marijuana, which is virtually free (easy to grow!)

  • Hyperborea2012

    Looks like the pharmaceutical industry hired Kennedy as a “liberal” for
    their propaganda campaign against marijuana. If a liberal Kennedy is
    against it, then we should be too… right? Marijuana takes away profits
    from the poison they sell through pill pushing doctors. Look up marijuana
    oil cures cancer… hash oil cures cancer.

  • Clyaton

    Kennedy is sooooo wrong… It was the tipping point, there is no going
    back. More states will take up the issue, and eventually the Feds will
    fold, it just takes time, many years probably, or maybe just a few
    depending on how fast they quit resisting public sentiment.