Patients Say Medical Marijuana Comes at Too High a Price

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Patients Say Medical Marijuana Comes at Too High a Price
Medical marijuana has been on the shelves of Connecticut dispensaries for just over 10 weeks, and already some patients who have tried it say they'll be returning to the black market. According to the Department of Consumer Protection, which has …
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Pot Legalization Measure Divides Marijuana Producers In Southwest Oregon
Mark Kleiman, a drug policy expert who advised Washington state when it legalized recreational pot, said growers have reason to be worried about the price. “Cannabis is a very cheap plant to grow. The thing that keeps its price high is illegality,” he …
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Blue Dream proves popular marijuana strain in Portland, while Trainwreck
Leafly, a 4-year-old Seattle company, regularly churns out charts detailing the tastes, search habits and pricing of marijuana based on information it collects on its site. Dispensaries pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands a month to …
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