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Mayor releases plan for medical marijuana in Seattle The plan calls for licensing of recreational and medical-marijuana businesses and creates regulations for medical-marijuana providers. The mayor's plan would establish a regulatory system for medical similar to that of the state's recreational system … Read more on The Seattle Times (blog) Medical marijuana license requirement proposed […]
According to a recent NPR report, laws in the States of Florida and Iowa would make it illegal to take photos or videos of livestock facilities without the owners permission and doing so would be classed as a felony.  A Minnesota bill is taking it even further.  This bill doesn’t just make it a felony […]
Weird pot fact: Thousands of marijuana seeds kept in world's doomsday vault When global catastrophe strikes (okay, if … ), the handful of humans left on the planet will at least have a marijuana seeds to plant (along with a few trees, fruits and vegetables). Tom Angell, founder of Marijuana Majority and frequent contributor … […]
Oregon marijuana growers gear up for Green Rush People have to pay the state $ 200 for a medical marijuana card and visit a doctor to authorize the card. Monson said that as recreational marijuana prices fall, the advantage to having a medical marijuana card may go up in smoke. Sprague said that … Read […]