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THE JOY OF EATING BLACK BEANS Image by roberthuffstutter Painting by Annibale Carracci About six months ago, a friend was patiently listening to several of my complaints about aging and some of its annoying and irritating consequences. He asked me if black beans were a part of my diet. When I told him I couldn’t […]
Join CDC Director, John, as he gives you a tour of the Creme De Canna Co-Op, from the perspective of a first time patient. If you are in a non-medical state,… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Weed Wars: Worlds Largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary [S01E01]
How MARIJUANA can help with post traumatic stress disorder They then went through a trauma 'extinction procedure', a process designed to help them cope with the symptoms of PTSD. After being exposed to the reminders of the trauma, the rats injected with the synthetic marijuana compound did not show PTSD … Read more on Daily Mail […]
As most gardeners know who shop online or from catalogues by mail order, shipping costs have increased tremendously. That, in addition to companies putting fewer seeds in seed packets, has made being frugal with seeds a must. Gardening need not be expensive if some of these tips are followed. For quick savings on garden costs, […]
I’m no fitness junkie, but I have been starting to workout & eating healthier to improve my health! THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this video! 50% off your healthy… Video Rating: 4 / 5
GPhA slams mischaracterized facts about generic drug pricing That is why, he stated, the GPhA is disappointed at how some have mischaracterized the facts about generic drug prices. Their data is missing one crucial element: perspective. The examples cited by the Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) on … Read more on The Pharma Letter The CIA […]