(OFFICIAL) Macka B – Medical Marijuana Card 2014

The Brand New OFFICIAL animated music video from Macka B – Medical Marijuana Card. “Taken from the Album Change The World” Produced by Chris Peckings and Mac…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Blazing and drinking and telling how to get your medical marijuana card and what I do. Stay high Http://
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Herbies Seeds

    Macka B rules :)

  • ValorousDefined


  • bruce kigllis

    enjoy funny clip….!!

  • Michael Hawthorne

    Mi seh mi want a medical marijuana card!

  • Adam Kovalchick

    Respect and much Love from Poland!

  • Martin Fox


  • TheVegetableAddict

    Even de doctor was high lmao

  • James May

    Why can’t the UK get medical marijuana already :/ 

  • JahLoveSurround

    ….Time to plant your seeds mi Idren, or get your card :-)

  • Laura Cabas

    Peace Medicine ;)

  • ganjah cordoba

    Medical Marijuana Card para todo el mundoo!!!

  • kool kat

    Respect man, jyeahhhh me get1 card maryjuana, gonna cure my asthma heard
    that drink it in a tea form help my asthma. thank you for cool video

  • RAS manfred

    Legalize it

  • Jon Fuller

    A Dab a day keeps the doctor away

  • Dwayne Haynes

    Thanks Macka B,
    Made my day 🙂
    Why am i still living in the U.K?

  • Mark Adams

    Big up dis tune long time star for da marijuana card

  • Carlos Eduardo Collazos Alercon

    Nuff Respect From Colombia

  • Kush I

    Yes Macka up deh every faithful ever sure 

  • Clairvoyant Seer

    One of the best videos ever. :)

  • Dum Bless


  • landon carpenter

    Yeah jamaica Mon 

  • ForeverRepublic

    I recently moved here from Chicago, I’m in college. I’m interested in
    getting a medical marijuana card because I have very serious insomnia,
    which I’ve never taken medication for besides your everyday pills you can
    buy at wallgreens (melatonin) which doesn’t require a prescription. I
    smoked a little in highschool, and it would knock me the fuck out and make
    me sleep like a log. Insomnia went poof. I never smoked it regularly though.

    I’d like to take a pilgrimage to Venice Beach and just get some baked hippy
    to give me a card. My only issue is this: Don’t you need to live in
    California for a year in order to establish residency? Or do I just need a
    California drivers license and/or state ID?

  • IGotBeatz209

    Yeah i also have back pain and joint pain in my right leg and it is hard to
    crash at night kuz the shyte aches,ima fashure look into a cannabis
    card.Would Sacramento or Sf be the best place to get one or what?can you or
    anyone else answer?haha.

  • DrRocksoDoesCOCAINe

    You have “Real bad back pain”… so do I ;)

  • bhernand03

    This dude is a fucking idiot. He obviously has no need for this card.

  • richard m

    quick question, I’m 18 have pain in my knees and have trouble sleeping. i
    have a MA drivers license but i live in CA and could show a bill showing i
    reside in CA. think id have any problems getting my card?

  • b1u3z

    I have adhd (severely) boutta move to
    California(palmdale/lancaster/antelopevalley) to attend college and live
    with my pops, can i get it for adhd ive taken meds for it but they make me
    sick and depressed think theyll gemme a medical card?

  • Brett Garcia


  • big haus

    got the lo life

  • eric hernandez

    Will any other type of ID besides a driver license work?? 

  • 420highallday!

    Nick, never mix alcohol and marijuana. It’s just not. A good idea and
    alcohol kills people.

  • saintjasin

    Can’t hate on this guy… fuck yeah…

  • DubMartian

    whats the first song playing in the background

  • Higher Consciousness

    Thanks dude for uploading the vid