New York's About to Legalize Medical Marijuana, But Patients Won't Get to

Partnership for a Drug-Free America
medical marijuana for depression
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" … The so-called War on Drugs, it turns out, is a very selective war that targets only those drugs that don’t make money for Big Pharma. Street drug chemicals, when packaged as medications, are openly allowed to be consumed by infants as young as six months old (under doctor’s orders, no less!), and there’s even an effort underway now to drug expectant mothers with antidepressant drugs just to ensure their children aren’t born with depression. That’s called "preventive medicine".

The War on Drugs completely ignores the drug companies, even when teen abuse of prescription drugs is widespread and highly dangerous. Doped up on Ritalin, Oxycontin, SSRIs and other dangerous mind-altering drugs, millions of teens are becoming prescription drug addicts… "

Dan Berger is Cartoonist behind Natural News.

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New York's About to Legalize Medical Marijuana, But Patients Won't Get to
In recent years, New York has become infamous for its lack of legislation addressing medical marijuana, a medication that helps patients manage many debilitating conditions like seizures, depression, migraine headaches, IBS, and more. THC, the main …
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Arizona Judge Rules Pot Can Be Used for PTSD
… stress disorder to the list of debilitating conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment. State Department of Health Services Director Will Humble has until July 9 to accept, modify or reject an administrative law judge's ruling that …
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