New Twist on Gourmet Recipe Delivery Kits from Jane and Mary Box

New Twist on Gourmet Recipe Delivery Kits from Jane and Mary Box
Recipe kits in the mail are not a new thing but these days there is a contemporary flexibility when it comes to being open about gourmet cannabis infused products. Jane and Mary will not ship you cannabis but in their 'About Us' section and all over …
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Now We're Cooking with Grass
But in January, Massachusetts granted its first round of medical-marijuana dispensary licenses, and Marcus was suddenly eager to get in on the ground floor. The weed dinners went on the back burner, and instead he began working on recipes for gourmet …
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Meatless Monday: How to make hemp seed pesto
Note: This is the first in a three-part Meatless Monday series on recipes that incorporate hemp seeds. Last summer, I wrote a story for The … Like marijuana, hemp is a variety of cannabis, but it contains super-low levels of THC. Consuming the …
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How to Make Marijuana-Infused Craft Cocktails
First he consulted a few 19th Century bartending books in search of recipes that used lavender, rosemary, sage, and other herb-infused tinctures commonly employed by skilled mixologists of the day, so as to better understand how they blended those …
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