Nature & Health – How to cure Mind related body problems through proper Diet – Red Pix 24×7

Nature & Health – How to cure Mind related body problems through proper Diet – Red Pix 24×7 BBC Tamil: INDIAGL…

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  • Red Pix 24×7

    Nature & Health – How to cure Mind related body problems through proper
    Diet – Red Pix 24×7

  • beacher1967

    That’s pretty incredible what you cured. Never really heard about water
    fasting, do you have vids on that? My number one goal right now is to get
    more exercise. I think I am going to add in the sleep more and drink more
    right along with it as I am lacking in that department as well. I also
    have a goal of losing 40lbs but I am going to lose it at my own pace.

  • RJSn2

    I don’t want to scare you but have you ever been tested for MS (multiple
    sclerosis) I have it and your symptoms are similar to mine. I have many
    others which is the reason I ended up here. I have a internal burning in my
    chest and arms that I have had for 9 years and they say it is a result of
    the MS. I am looking into juice fasting/raw food eating as a way to heal
    that. At this point I am searching for a miracle.

  • Serena Wahayeb

    I feel bad for you:( I’m 5’6 and 108 pounds and I eat high carb low fat
    vegan :)

  • Miko Mikon

    Oh I didn’t know you had this channel also – I watch your daily vlogs and
    love them. I have to agree, I’m 100% vegan (not raw) and love it but it’s
    not right for everyone. Gotta go with what your body tells you to do. One
    thing though, have you ever tried taking out all dairy products for a few
    months? I found that this helped with my acne issues and I know in your
    daily vlogs that you talk about yours not clearing up. I just thought I
    might mention it – you are totally beautiful inside and out. ^_^

  • Suzie boo

    I hated the vegan raw diet i just gained weight and ppl kept telling me to
    eat more! Wtf lol 

  • jedediahbc

    I’m on the low carb combo Pealeo diet for fiber reasons, Lost 9 pounds the
    first week. I’ve been on it when I was in my teens and lost a lot of weight
    quick, now that I’m in my adult life I hope it goes quick again. You are a
    very pretty girl as you are, and wouldn’t really worry about what others
    think you are unique in yourself, .

  • RivetingRadiance

    you are so wisdom-filled and intelligent! i believe anything you say. lol 

  • Purr0066

    That’s an awesome amount of weight loss! Keep it up! You are doing great!
    My New Years resolutions is to get healthy this year! I also get feelings
    like a bee is stinging me in different areas on my
    back…legs..arms..feet..wherever..and my doctor said it was part of
    anxiety..I was like really? But to me I felt like it was more now AFTER I
    had my surgeries on my nerves when they did my elbow..shoulder and wrists
    surgeries..but they never listen. 

  • SuInWonderland81

    I’m so glad you made this video, and it was great to watch! I’m keeping
    everything crossed for you and really hope you achieve your goals and
    dreams for the new year! You are such an amazing and special person, don’t
    let anyone control how you feel or what you do. I absolutely believe in you
    and I know your future will be a very happy one 🙂
    I agree with you when it comes to Atkins. I used to think I’d never be able
    to follow that diet but now I find it so easy and natural! The only meal I
    still struggle with is breakfast so in 2014 my goal is to become more
    creative and find low carb alternatives to my favourite meals.
    I think you’ve done an incredible job so far regarding your weight and
    health issues, and hopefully you’ll get even better results and your family
    will grow! 🙂
    You truly are an inspiration and I’m happy to be able to learn so many
    things from you.
    One of my main goals is to “walk the talk” a bit more in the new year. I
    want to change a lot of things and need to be more consistent. :)

  • AshAnd Angel

    This was a pretty good year 😉 let’s make next year better right!!

  • theknuts6

    65 pounds in a year is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • youplusbooequalszoo

    congratulations on the weight loss, its awesome. I think reading a few of
    the comments it can be said that everyone is proud of you and your efforts
    and are rallying behind you and some of us are walking the same path right
    there with you. ignore the jerks, don’t give them the time of day. 2014 is
    a good year for babies, i see it in our horizons.

  • tx roze

    I’m so happy and excited for you and Hadar! Congratulations on your weight
    loss so far and I agree getting as much weight off as possible will
    hopefully make your future pregnancy a lot easier. Adding to your beautiful
    family is going to be a great motivation and I know you’ll reach your
    weight loss goal in the coming months. 

  • ashley jackson

    Love your Channel

  • DivineSpiceLab

    its related to endometriosis, pcos, ovarian cyst and etc, i think everyone
    should watch this.

  • lumpilulu

    Nice going with your weight loss! Even with your gains, your final loss is
    fantastic!! I think I will try to do a water fast too, you have me

  • shoppingmediagirl1

    I need to lose 20-30 lbs. I need to maintain. My whole life my weight has
    either been on the way up or on the way down. I’d love to be able to
    maintain for a long while even though I know it will always be a struggle.
    I TOTES agree about the reactions people have when you say your are on
    ‘atkins” That’s why don’t tell people that anymore. I just say “whole
    non-processed foods with no grains” now. It’s easier than hearing the
    stupidity of people’s opinion of Atkins. 

  • craftsinpuyallup

    You’ve made amazing progress in 2013 and I look forward to seeing you reach
    your goals in 2014! I’m rooting for you and you’re so inspiring to me! Go

  • Maintaining Constanze

    Happy New Year, Andrea! You look very pretty in this video, I really like
    the way you did your hair in the first part, before the battery died 🙂 I
    think you did great this year, your loss is impressive! I could never do
    what you do but I guess you’re right, different things work for different

    Have a great 2014, all the best for you and your family! <3

  • CheapEasyLowCarb

    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but most things that you said about LCHF
    eating, I could have said. It will be 10 years this-coming April, and I
    cannot even imagine doing it any differently. And it isn’t – for me – about
    the weight loss, but it is all about how I feel and what kind of person I
    am when I’m eating clean – meat, veggies, fat. Very good video, and I have
    no doubt that you will achieve your goals in 2014! :)

  • Citrushearted

    I’m proud of you! You can do this still!! 🙂 I just went and looked and I’m
    higher than I was at the beginning of the year. Though I’m not sure how
    much, because I’m scared to death to get on the scale! I will the morning
    of the 1st. eep! *hugs to you!!*