My Marijuana Seed Story.

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  • TimePlayedRS

    bad mood? aha

  • MrPercythrower

    Try cannazon he has sannies and motarebel and many more pay by credit card
    as lost to much cash in post .peace

  • Menfis legall

    here’s your t shit hhahahaha

  • MrPercythrower

    Old seeds ,kc seeds have been around for 20 year ,I had a collection of mns
    in fridge for two year 800 pound worth has failed to germ and everthing new
    I buy germs instantly 100% so I’m never hoarding seeds again buy fresh
    drops and use immediately is my new way of.doing things .peace 

  • Ben Johnson

    Andy Ross—Sorry to hear the bad news buddy. :0( I just got my seeds but
    it was only two of them. I was afraid customs would dig through them so I
    only paid for one and Attitude gave be a free bonus. There is a seed
    company in USA that you can try.

  • tylert923

    no. fuck YOU legodude.


    I would appreciate it soooo much

  • Phillip Raywood

    really glad youre back…!

  • megamouse DUB

    what method do you use for germination please?

  • Jay R

    Nice would like try to grow some but don’t know where to get seeds

  • Jonathan Preston

    Hey my name is David wanted to ask you how long does it take to get to you
    when you order

  • rusty trichomes

    kc brains make great out door plants for better sun you will have some dank

  • Skyshine burner

    Interested in best Medical marijuana strains and marijuana seeds, 92 and
    98% pure cock, MDNA ,Crystal Meph, Purple actavis cough syrup 16oz ,LSD and
    Text to (505)399-3739 or email: No calls,
    just text and i’ll call you back

  • tylert923

    no. fuck YOU legodude.

  • matanuska high

    gigabud is a 6-7 week flowering but not super potent….id say a 6 out of
    10 on potency and i had a real frosty one too..frosty dont always mean its
    potent..looks super killer though when growing

  • mashembo

    has anyone elses youtube gone wierd the vid title is under the vid and
    theres alot of ads

  • Sam Squanch

    Yeah, wont catch no pothead playing with legos, just sayin

  • levischultz

    @beachbumnn If you wanna see a good finished product on ice, check my vids.
    i have a lil sample ion there. Not the best ever, but DEFINATLY good shit.

  • smokestorm88

    master kush is the shit from nirvana smells like coffee

  • Weston Martin

    can u buy these if u live in NY

  • capo di tutti capi

    i live on the east coast… whats the best seed company to go thru? thax

  • unkelkrumpy

    attitude seedbank guaranteed?

  • Growing With Mr.Tight

    @FrankLucasH2O im gonna pop 2 of these SLH X seeds and see what happens.


    i did the kc33 over 10 yrs ago, it was good( apparently) 35

  • MOTIV303

    I have that Blue widow veggin right now, have heard it’s killer. We shall
    see eh brother! I also have some KC Brains seeds, but I haven’t even tried
    to crack any yet, if I get only 2 out of 15 I will be one pissed off cat, I
    too get near 100% germ, o well, we’ll see. Looking good brother. Peace man!