My Fitness Routine + Healthy Food Ideas!

I’m no fitness junkie, but I have been starting to workout & eating healthier to improve my health! THUMBS UP if you enjoyed this video! 50% off your healthy…
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  • ilikeweylie

    Thanks so much for all the sweet & helpful comments in this video! I will
    definitely keep all the tips you guys had for me in mind! 

  • lolalita

    You are not fit. You’re too skinny. You have no curves like a man and you
    looks older than your age because of depraving yourself. You get only
    supplements to get your vitamins but supplements can not remplace food.
    Sorry for the truth. Take care of yourself and stop being a model for
    younger girls. 

  • khs118

    Is she still together with Wah? Or nah?

  • Madeline Rose

    What’s the name of the song at 6:10?

  • zukodude487987

    Zero trans fat, zero high fructose corn syrup. nothing artificial. So they
    use sugar instead?

  • brockway babe

    no offense but if you don’t know anything about working out you shouldn’t
    post workout videos.

  • Anna O.

    Why do I feel like every video now on YT contains a commercial or product

  • Yannick Naert

    Ur hot

  • Sumika I.

    Do you do this everyday or every other day?? :O

  • Su Sto

    Cereals are not really healthy at all

  • Helene T

    it is good, that you eat carbohydrates before workout, as it gives you
    energy, and you obviously don’t need to loose weight, and it is your own
    choice, but I will just like to inform you, that your breakfast is very
    high in sugar, both from the cereal, milk and all the snacks (even though
    it is natural sugar from almonds and maybe the bars, I don’t know that
    brand). If you want to be healthier, maybe eat some greek yougurt with
    fruit, or oatmeal, or omelets or something 🙂 I am sorry if you get
    offended by this, I didn’t mean to offend you 🙂 

  • Jane Willow

    Kellogs and breakfast bars are full of sugar.

  • littlemonsterx

    Omg the music in this video <3 xxx

  • Krystel Villaroman

    I really liked this video compared to other gurus because you have great
    form and it shows us that we’re in the gym to GROW not to impress! A lot of
    people try to lift heavy weights but they’re not even at the right level. I
    agree with some comments about after working out it’s good to eat a lot
    more protein because your body absorbs everything right after, it’s hungry.
    but hayyy i eat like a bird too lol at least a protein shake with the salad
    would be good! great job!

  • sumit kumar

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    out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Ready Set
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  • Ninaki13th

    if you want to burn fat and built stamina Run!
    Only Cardio will really burn fat.And the rest you are doing will build
    muscle 🙂
    Btw I love your shoes!!

  • Angela Garcia

    I like how you do sit ups on the exercise ball because when I lay on a mat
    on the floor it hurts my back
    Thanks for doing this video

  • Tija Clock

    I live the background music! Its really nice. :-)

  • Jo Ann Han

    Where can i find this song? I try your work out yesterday. I’ll keep it
    upppp ^.^

  • thetlc9

    Who eats snacks with cereal … Wtf!!! Another nature box sponsor!! Lol

  • nucknuck100

    does any one know what shoes weylie has on in this video?

  • rainicornicopia 777

    can you use weights when your only 13? or is it not healthy to try to
    become fit or something?


    We really liked your video!