Mental Disorders as Brain Disorders: Thomas Insel at TEDxCaltech

Mental Disorders as Brain Disorders: Thomas Insel at TEDxCaltech

Thomas R. lnsel, M.D. is director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) charged with ge…

Mental Health: Does a Chemical Imbalance Cause Mental Disorders? Psychiatrist Tells the Truth

Mental Health: Does a Chemical Imbalance Cause Mental Disorders? Psychiatrist Tells the Truth Psychiatrist & author, Dr. Colin Ross, discusses the chemical i…
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  • Evi W

    Brains are stimulated by thought. People with OCD or depression, for
    example, have different thought patterns than an “average” person. This
    will change the “wiring” of the brain. So to study a person with a mental
    illness and compare that to a normal person, and say “ah-ha! I see the
    difference, it’s all in brain matter” is silly. Those changes may be a
    result of the illness, not a cause. (I say may because he is right, they
    are JUST NOW studying this stuff) 

  • rachaelinda

    One in five people will experience some kind of brain disease (mental
    illness) in their lives. I think that the director of the NIMH explains
    this really well and the more we understand, the more we can have
    compassion and understanding of ourselves and those around us

  • Steve Curran

    Great video!

  • Phoenix College Behavioral Sciences Department

    Here is a TED talk about brain disorders.

  • NAMI Massachusetts

    Mental Disorders as Brain Disorders: Thomas Insel at TEDxCaltech 

  • Len Bennati
  • Steve Curran

    Great Video!

  • Transmintosity

    Science can save lives? Well I suppose if you are going to put it like
    that, it can also destroy lives as well. Of course suicide is not a
    disease, nor is it a condition. It is just something people do, taking
    one’s life voluntarily though under great situational pressure, an act that
    has been stripped of all nobility and reason in psychiatric theory. Not
    happy with stigmatizing the living, psychiatry has extended the scope of
    its stigmatization to the dead as well!

  • Xenosophia

    Somehow it is always crappy thinkers like this guy that end up working for
    governments. Does that surprise me? Nope. Does it scare me? Oh yes.

  • addicted2rpg

    I love this video. After something like Sandy Hook, to think that we could
    identify a mentally ill individual and take preventative action, or even
    medicative action prior to an episode is huge.

  • Sam Schrevel

    Almost everything is pseudoscience. The figures of his “mortality rates”
    are presented as hard evidence while no definition or context is provided.
    The jump from somatic diseases to mental illness is logically unsound. And
    a correlation between mental illness and suicide does not imply a causal
    relation, there could be other explanations for both events. Finally,
    neuropsychiatry is still theory and hypothetical rather than scientifically

  • Mrscientificmethod

    Feynman called psychiatrists ‘witch doctors’ and thought psychiatry a
    ‘cargo cult’ science.

  • Transmintosity

    The books of Raymond Tallis on Neuromania and Neuroscientism are pretty
    good as well.

  • Transmintosity

    ..the minds of those who believe in the psychiatric faith.

  • Ricardo Pinto

    makes the transition from somatic diseases to mental illness because he is
    convinced that the mind is a function of a brain. So, the biomedical
    research is relevant to this area too. Suicide, he notes, is not a disease
    in itself, but he thinks the right way to look at the issue is as a
    troubled brain, as killing oneself is bound to be a decision stemming from
    problems such as severe depression or other emotional/perceptual
    abnormalities. He doesn’t actually say that mental illness causes suicide

  • Kathleen White

    Mrs Scientific Method relies upon ONE source of information (two at best)
    to construct an argument which refutes the validity of an entire field of
    study for which we have long had a PREPONDERANCE of evidence (from MULTIPLE
    world-wide sources….nearly all of which, I may add, show more consistent
    and less variable-dependent replicable results than oncology, i.d.)
    supporting the SCIENCE that simply points to the gross ignorance
    responsible for millions of human lives.

  • A.J. Mahari

    Interesting point. And I think they are shocked when we don’t want to just
    believe them because they are supposed to be “important” and we are
    supposed to follow them. They cannot prove their claims in an honest and
    open way. They push psychiatric meds on people that they don’t even know
    why might work if they work and most often they really hurt people and have
    killed people and that includes children whom they have not tested these
    meds on but prescribe to them anyway. Their “power” is abused.

  • Leon van Was

    These exactly are his complaints as well. And he presents evidence of
    current work aiming at a different psychiatry. Maybe you were watching
    another video?

  • Siana Gearz

    How – in standard ways. The brain will be studied, conclusions will be made
    and methods be developed. What might emerge, is impossible to say right
    now, but to give you an idea, it could be some kind of abstract-looking
    visual test with objects, colours, faces, and decisions that person would
    need to take, reaction measurements, eeg, neuroimaging. Considering lack of
    symptoms, the treatment could probably be a harmless cognitive exercise.
    Predicting future is unthankful though.

  • musicismagic

    I suggest if you are interested -looking at papers on the dysregulation of
    the default network in major depression.It perhaps explains a subset of
    patients with MD using causal modeling (Frith).It is a partial
    understanding,but as in physics, all models are partial understandings (see
    move from Newtonian to Quantum physics)Time will tell but research in
    regulation/dysregulation of the default network seems to hold some promise
    and makes use of the better technology now available.

  • Ghostface89100

    I bet you ten Seroquels this guy is originally from Canada. I can tell the
    accent immediately.

  • Whole Life Counseling & Coaching

    Great video! The only point I must disagree with is that you left us with
    the belief that there aren’t many options outside of drugs. Historically
    and from my consistent experience, hypnotherapy is VERY effective for
    anxiety issues. But remember….hypnosis doesn’t work…..YOUR mind does!!!
    That is why I am so effective with anxiety & panic type issues.

  • Carlos Ramos

    Hello, My name is carlos and I am 22, and it has been one year and an half
    I’ve suffered from pannic attacks disorder, my pschiratrist precribed me
    CLONAZEPAM 2MG ever since. though I still feel anxious sometimes, so my
    question what else can I do to overcome this annoying problem? any help
    would much appreciated. thank you in avance.

  • shawn kemper

    Feeling anxious is a normal part of growing up in society. In fact, anybody
    who doesn’t feel anxious may be a little weird. Stop taking those dangerous
    drugs. Once you become accustomed to talking to girls, and doing job
    interviews, and finish your education, things will start to become a lot
    easier. Practice makes perfect. Of course you’ll get shot down by girls,
    job interviews, and schools. but at least you broke the ice in those areas,
    and know what to expect the next time. Don’t let rejection discourage you
    from achieving your goals. Remember, all successful billionaires got shot
    down repeatedly till they mastered their craft. Be persistent, and don’t
    get discouraged. Being anxious is normal and healthy. Don’t become a
    psychiatrist’s death risk study. 

  • shawn kemper

    The chemical imbalance theory was just a theory. They used people to study
    the effects of those chemical compounds. Chemical imbalance theory has
    repeatedly been disproven by the vast majority of ivy league universities.
    They found that the chemical compounds suspected to be out of line were
    actually in thr normal range before, during, and after taking those
    medications. In other words, people who were diagnosed with chemical
    imbalances were actually very balanced. It turns out that the vast mms
    majority of patients were actually just torn between capital punishment,
    prison, or therapeutic treatment for morally corrupt individuals.

  • Jose Verdugo

    Look people I live with “chem imbalance”…Om..freegen G…its the biggest
    line of bushit excuse to be a complete bitch and prude..the moment a man or
    a woman meet and you see sighns of family arguements pay close attention to
    the valilidy of the arguements. Try this find something that would irritate
    any one and see to what level that person trips on it if its in the
    beginning and that person over reacts and you just got into it ..then bounce

  • Daniel Burdick

    “On March 26, 1990, Newsweek featured a lead article praising the virtues
    of the anti-depressant drug Prozac.” “On March 22, 1990, the FDA banned the
    public sale dietary of L-Tryptophan completely. We Become Silent (narration
    by Judi Dench) shows an FDA director react to questions about this.
    Elizabeth Walling 2008 “Since the ban was only recently lifted, limited
    human studies have been done about using tryptophan supplements to treat
    depression, but so far the results are very promising”

  • Daniel Burdick

    4) Abram Hoffer, Rose My Wife “Dr Morris Lipton, who had chaired the
    remarkable Task Force of the American Psychiatric Association which had
    roundly denounced our work and had published a most remarkable document,
    remarkable for its totally dishonest account of what we had been doing and
    claiming. The most rabid republican in the United States would probably
    have done a more honest job in attacking the Democratic Party. Humphry and
    I replied to this corrupt document but few paid any attention.”

  • Transmintosity

    …and discriminatory, effective conceptual vehicles for the process of
    social control, of liberticide, and of thought and behaviour manipulation.
    There is also the fact that some of us reject the notion that a mind can be
    literally ill or diseased as something of a secular superstition which
    impedes our capacity to see the complex play of different forces at work
    behind an individual’s suffering or seeming lunacy.

  • Daniel Burdick

    Criticism of Anti-Psychotic Meds Sound by Ron Unger “Two World Health
    Organization studies comparing “schizophrenia” outcomes between developed
    and developing countries found much better outcomes in the developing
    countries where anti-psychotics were used much less” M. Peet “Christensen &
    Christensen reported a correlation between international variations in
    outcome of schizophrenia according to the IPSS study and the ratio in the
    diet of animal (mainly saturated) fat to fish and vegetables.”

  • Señorita.Lizarde

    Why do some of the side effects of this medications include things like
    suicidal thoughts? Both while taking it or by stopping taking them?

  • MJLobos

    He’s talking about depression, not schizophrenia…

  • ZeaMoore4

    Diabetes is also genetically passed on. Like heart disease, it is no
    grantee, but it is a greater risk.

  • ELaine B