MEDICALMARIJUANA.COM | WHEN WILL MARIJUANA BE LEGAL IN ATLANTA There was a customer in the barbershop asking if it would be ok if barber smoked weed and cut hair? I said “well if it is l…
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  • delmonte30

    It won’t become legal in Atlanta. Because of us people of color. Big
    business to put us in prison, Colorado is not ATL. 

  • jmac8651

    As a barber, I like to keep a certain image and professionalism. I won’t
    get into where I stand on legal marijuana, however I will say…or ask
    this; for what? Let’s be real, if you like to smoke, ok no harm, no foul.
    If you like to drink, same game, no harm no foul. As adults, there is a
    time and place for that. If you have to drink to get through the day, maybe
    you might have a problem and may need help for that. Weed, same deal. It
    alters the state of mind. No matter how good of a barber you are, you want
    to be focused at all times. Forget a jacked up line, I would never let
    someone high on anything put a razor to my face. 


    Im not a barber but i thought back in the day the red white and blue pole
    meant “we are sanitary and able to give blood” or something like that. I
    wont put it out there but i “have” smoked many times. But opperating should
    have my undivided sober attention. Beats the hell out of “forgetting” “my”
    stress than forgetting that im providing a “service” not getting served a
    ounce that just flew in from columbia “at” my place of business.

  • Diviniti Oshun

    Some people do things better when high. I’m from Cali though and we’re used
    to weed in Cali, it’s medicine and not a drug.

  • Amber Curry

    I hope it’ll be legal soon cause ya damn sure cant find it elsewhere.
    Whats with droughts in the south? Lol

  • DaLadyBarber

    My personal opinion…..No!! I am a barber and I have worked with other
    barbers who think it’s cool to smoke marijuana. The industry we work in is
    1st a business and we should always be professional..2nd we are serving the
    public with the most highly respect of allowing us to serve them. I LOVE
    what I do and would not jeopardize that for my personal habit.

  • DavidtheBarber G

    Na Bro I don’t think so. It don’t matter whether it’s legal or not. Alcohol
    is legal but ur not allowed to cut Drunk. I think the same should apply to

  • taio956

    Barbers are aelf employed, therefore; they alreasy been smokin weed, crack,
    gettin drunk, etc. Etc. So its all up to weather the customer is cool about
    it or not. Js

  • Mr.Tredeuce32

    Barbers already cut people hair high. Lets keep it all the way real, you
    answered the question yourself. Barbers aren’t drug tested so what would
    stop them except for their own common sense! I wouldn’t cut anybody high or
    let anybody cut me high but that’s a knock against the barber and one of
    the things that is wrong with this craft of barbering that I love. A lot of
    barbers aren’t courteous to the individual that is in their chair by being
    on the phone or eating. THis is nothing new but hopefully barbers care more
    about their work than weed!


    i don’t think so, im a pot head but wouldn’t trust a barber high cutting.

  • Autobahn No Limit

    Cut hair, HIGH? Nope! Just as barbers should not be allowed to cut hair
    DRUNK! Shop owners should have strict regulations and/or policies against
    contractors “cutting hair while impaired.”

  • jaime stakermann

    I don’t think so

  • Justin Miller

    Of course no barber should be able to cut hair high. In my opinion; it
    would affect their work; and not only that I think it would affect how
    people see them. To me; barbers are the last great institution or
    professionals rather we can look up to. Because; so many people in other
    professions are corrupt. Thats just how I see it.
    No as to the other point whether its legal. I would not allow a barber to
    cut my hair who is high, and they’ve legally smoked it per their states
    regulations. It’s just not a situation I would put myself in. It just seems
    like a bad proposition. Just my opinion; love the topic keep them coming