Medical Testing And Your Child

If your child is scheduled for medical testing, it is best to spend some time in preparation. Young children may not understand what is going on. As a result, they may become frightened or perhaps traumatized. Here are some tips to consider before you take your child in for a test.

Sit down with the child and explain all about the upcoming procedure. Let them know that no harm will come to them. Make sure that they know that you will either be there or close by the entire time. Be certain that the child understands as much as possible about the procedure.

To make your child as comfortable as possible, go over the entire procedure from start to finish. In fact, you may wish to approach it like a play. You might want to have some play time, in which the child undergoes medical testing in an imaginary environment.

If your child is going to have electrodes attached for a procedure, let them know that they may have things attached to their skin. In fact, you may wish to substitute small band aids for electrodes. This way, children know that the things an adult is attaching to them will not cause them any harm.

It is sometimes a good idea to rehearse the procedure in the third person. This means using one of the child’s toys as the subject. The subject can be a teddy bear or a doll. Perform the test on the doll, and then allow the child to be the technician.

When your child is performing a procedure on a doll, pretend that the doll is upset. This way, the child will comfort the doll and this will be remembered when it is time for the real test. The more you can do to prepare a child for something new, the better chances you have for success.

Another way to help prepare a child for medical testing is to relate it to something they are familiar with. Remind the child of a time of apprehension. For instance, you may remind them of times when you have to put antiseptic on a cut. It may burn a little, but it is soon over. The antiseptic is necessary, just as the procedure they are scheduled for. Let them know that it will be over before they know it.

If your child is to undergo some kind of diagnostic test, give them something to look forward to. After the test, you might take them to their favorite restaurant or fast food place. If they associate something pleasant with the test, they are more likely to cooperate.

Maybe you do not wish to use food as a reward. Instead, you could take them to a local department store and buy them a small toy. You also can buy them a DVD of their favorite television show.

Many children become apprehensive if they are faced with strange surroundings and people. To avoid anxiety, be sure that they understand what is going to happen. Make them as comfortable as possible, and provide a reward after medical testing.

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