Medical marijuana rules could get tougher

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medical marijuana studies
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Wallace, George Barclay, and Elizabeth V. Cunningham. The Marihuana Problem In the City of New York: Sociological, Medical, Psychological and Pharmacological Studies. Lancaster, Pa., Jaques Cattell Press, 1944.

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Medical marijuana rules could get tougher
“The governments have constructed a complex and impossible program and maze for anyone to get medical marijuana studies funding,” he said. “So, obviously, it's going to be impossible for anybody to have any type of peer-reviewed literature or studies.”.
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'Marijuana Cures Ebola' Claim Investigated: Cannabis Researchers Weigh In
Global research has indicated that marijuana has significant medical potential but cannabis advocates are hampered by legalities regarding widespread use. Ebola studies have concluded that the virus kills by cytokine storm which fatally affects the …
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Gift Funds Neuroscience Research into Medical Marijuana
Most studies on medical marijuana to date have focused on its efficacy, or on patients' symptoms. MIND head researcher Staci A. Gruber, director of the Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Core at McLean and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard …
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Beaver Falls family hopes for legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania
Tom Corbett came out in support of hospital studies about cannabidiol, a component of marijuana, for children with seizures. But he has not thrown his support behind Senate Bill 1182. The trips to Harrisburg have worn down the McGurks. Olivia's …
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