Medical marijuana is legal in Florida already

Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida since 1991, yet nobody has known. Today, Florida statutes, laws and Dept. of Health rules allow a physician to or…
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building a 5 Plants, legal medical marijuana grow room part 04 -

New : Limbo’s Open Grow Forum on This video is make for home growers of cannabis plants to show my way of building and growing. There are a …


  • bob huff

    it should not even be a question, all drugs should be legal. they just want
    to arrest people for anything. the pig’s don’t want to protect and serve
    you! they took the job so they can shoot people.

  • michael malloy

    Tell everybody

  • william sanborn

    Stop the suffering – it is ALREADY LEGAL. It is the doctors and the law
    enforcement offices that need to get it right………..

  • Faded Hope

    Medical marijuana isn’t legal, NOBODY has access to it except for the dying
    maybe. That’s why so many people are forced to take narcotics.

  • Reena Geene


  • Slow Release

    How long did you veg sir?

  • Mišan Kopal

    Do u using HPS spectre throught the grow stadium? And how much every week u
    ADD EC? Great Job..I love your own way to build growroom and grow this
    monstrums 🙂 B.I.G Up from CZ ;)

  • 340wbymag

    Good work! I love the music too!

  • VivaLaCody1

    Song name? 

  • JRN2222

    How many plants were there?

  • ricky hart

    great videos…love the backround music happy I found your site and thank

  • sammie daniels

    your very cooooolllll…..

  • MrDemonslayer82

    This is why I followed you my friend!!! Amazing happy holidays I wish I can
    talk to you and ask advice 

  • 69Kzoo

    damn so nice buddz u probably use more then 250w Lamps eh?


    Another great setup, nice work. Beautiful girls!

  • Turbofukus

    My hero I love ur videos. You are my inspiration

  • SniperPFL

    uh nm i realize now that ur pointing out what you would have liked
    included, and not actually asking hehe relax though Limbo kicks ass

  • Jorge Benites