Medical Marijuana Facts from a Certified Doctor!


The music: Vaporizing and smoking on some Buddha’s Sister, talking about the process of renewing my medical marijuana card…
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  • SuperTonkadog

    I have Cancer and this truly allows me to reduce the opiate intake
    drastically! A normal day for me is taking anywhere between 180-300 mg of
    oxycodone. I also take other things of lesser interest. I have clearly
    noticed that a day of smoking just two joints, in multiple sittings (maybe
    2-3 puffs), I have almost ZERO desire to touch an opiate. I notice my
    appetite pick back up and my bowels returning to a normal function. I can’t
    begin attest to smoking pot has on my Stage 2 Testicular Cancer

  • Clown528

    Unless you smoke a coco

  • Gerri Pell

    I have MS and I can’t care about the pharm’s profits

  • billi onaire

    he’s high lmfao !!!

  • kndsoul

    Pharm co’s dont want people to know this stuff….why would you pay them
    when you can grow your own?

  • hmmlimmethink

    what kind of world am i living in? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smokedro2194

    imma bought to get high

  • YouAreAMitch

    Tell me why is it illegal.

  • spinemelter2000

    I’m on a lot of psychiatric drugs. My psychiatrist’s knowledge is limited
    to what the Rx sales reps tell her. She’s in complete disbelief when I tell
    her that Seroquel doesn’t work for me, and that it was exacerbating my
    depression. She said “It shouldn’t.” If I asked her about medicinal
    marijuana, which is legal in my state, she would probably freak and refuse
    to touch it with a 60-foot pole. No one knows of any doctors who prescribe
    marijuana or any pharmacies where you can pick it up.

  • Elaine H

    great video! ­čÖé

  • auxandi

    I told you mum! Lol weed is good for you!

  • keepyaheadup13

    Its ridiculous how cigarettes are legal and weed isn’t. But I doubt weed
    will ever be legal nation wide because of the bad connotations that come
    with it. Cigarettes have so much nasty shit though like tar and
    gasoline-like liquid its disgusting how people could put such harmful
    chemicals in their body.

  • keaton hickman

    Vending machines kills more people than the use of cannabis

  • Cygnus X-I

    Cigarettes kill more people a year than any other drug or alcohol. Weed
    doesn’t kill people it heals people. It’s not ridiculous, it’s political
    strategy. Any government who makes weed illegal is an illegal government.

  • joealter99

    If only politicians and stupid people are against legalization,why is it
    not yet legal?

  • pimpinghost82

    “i think theres a very bright future for medical cannabis in this country”
    Me: i think your right doctor Haha

  • Chris

    the world where our federal gov’t makes a drug that is helpful illegal, and
    shown in the video weed is heplful.. MARYJEWWANNA<3

  • TechtodaProductions

    I dont have tonsils ­čÖé lol

  • jdziedzic11

    Yeah I never understood these people who are like “we need to tax and
    regulate marijuana” and I’m like FUCK THAT. Just get rid of it from the
    criminal code so then it would be the equivalent of growing, possessing and
    consuming TOMATOES
    SO JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE and dont let the politicians get their
    blood soaked hands on´╗┐

  • Tyler Flynn

    Dude what’s your weed budget? Lol I smoke like you an I know I spend way
    too much but I also live in vermont so shits expensive´╗┐

  • sean devine

    The only reason these kids have seizure disorders in the first place. Is
    because there parents used marihuana. Now they wanna get it for there kids
    to make them scumbag stoners like them. Marihuana makes me sick. ´╗┐

  • EthanTheCreator

    This dudes sitting here smoking and not even high. Lmfao but like the video
    man. ´╗┐

  • Alex McHaze

    arent you r3dbands brother ?´╗┐

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  • Shadow 70

    What I don’t understand is why drinking is legal and grass aint when
    drinking is worst. People who drink get mad and want to fight, people who
    smoke grass are the most layed back and funny. This is how I look at it,
    its a free country if you want to smoke grass in your own home and don’t
    cause a any trouble then why not. Keep it in doors and don’t drive high,
    which people do on drinking. Look at the death rate of drinking and

  • tedxc0re

    I had some Buddha’s Sister about…. 7 years ago…. Holy fuck, time is
    passing by us fast.´╗┐

  • David Vla

    you can easly smoke 1 milion joints and not die, while drinking 100 glasses
    of alcohol and die´╗┐

  • mike lanza

    pa is working on the law the dems and rep are probably gonna sign the bill
    i heard recently in philadelphia, cant wait for the unhealthy society i
    thuink esp cancer and other sickness and would be great for recreational
    use like people like me and the thc really cures my stress….had grand
    dddy purple cush today and about too fire now peace´╗┐

  • Jones IVI

    What Did You Get your Card far ?´╗┐

  • chrisn365

    Pimps that deal legal drugs´╗┐

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  • chrisn365

    Legal drug dealing, exploiting something that does good for a select few
    patients. You fuckers make me sick´╗┐

  • Christopher Hovde

    The prices in Colorado and Washington will be expensive at first till they
    figure out supply and demand issues. I heard after taxes it was like 70$
    for an eight. Damn that’s expensive.´╗┐

  • Marcelo Zanuski

    I don’t like watching you smoke. You’re weird. ´╗┐