Medical Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells and Stops Seizures – CNN

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  • Terrier Bram

    THC is also medicinal and has a synergetic effect in combination with CBD.
    Why should a psychedelic experiences causing molecule not be medicinal for
    this feature on it self? But the medicinal value of THC is much larger.

  • transindin1612

    use our tax dollars wisley. what is the bigger threat terriost or mj users
    why not tax legal mj like cigs and alcohol cure us not allow us to die
    when we could live longer and pay our taxes like a good american

  • Michele Travis

    Why is the U.S so idiotic that it will not do any more research on medical
    marijuana? There have been children have had their lives saved because of
    it. They should study the benefits, for adults also. People die from
    cancer, people die from epilepsy. I have epilepsy and have stopped
    breathing after a seizure. Have had two surgeries. I still have horrible
    seizures. The doctors keep increasing my medication. Why wont they do
    more research? It can save lives!!!!!!

  • Karen Snow

    Medical mj saved my life after suffering a cardiac arrest at 23.

  • CustomGrow420

    A dab a day will keep the dr away

  • peacefulmind12

    Cannabis is definitely the way to go. Other Natural ways to go is Gotu Kola
    aka Centella Asiatica and Brahmi aka Bacopa Monnieri. These plants have
    been kept secret by the corrupt Med system. Ayurvedic tradition have used
    these for thousands of years for Epilepsy cures.

  • Chris Prescott

    1:28 ” let me quickly be BLUNT….” I see what you did there ;)

  • Rene R.

    How is it possible for them to study drug abuse and not study drug benefits
    when big farma kills more people than they help? It’s called Agenda 21!

  • Rene R.

    We don’t need more study Sanjay needs to get his head up out of the
    conspiracy fog and truly put his life on the
    Kind and tell the truth.

  • Bruce Kefauver

    It’s already been studied in Israel for the last thirty years.Why can’t
    doctors in the USA converse with other countries to see what they have
    found?Are we so mocho that we are the only ones that have research in
    medicine?Is the US the only nation that has sick people?

  • IamSAM

    awesome stuff

  • Mamaji Bapu

    All people in prison for cannabis offences should be released immediately
    and given their property and money back.

  • Erin Brown

    Because there is also a neuro-transmitter in the human brain that is ONLY
    activated by THC. Studies on Alzheimers at the University of Nebraska
    discovered this in the 80’s

  • Andreas748

    do you get the THC high when you ingest the cannabinoid oil?

  • OnlyHempFuture

    Eating the cannabinoid oil gets rid of the cancer altogether.

  • Rhymenoceros

    Marijuana – the pharma industry kept it a taboo so that it could suck out
    trillions out of the system. We now enter a time where complex doesn’t mean
    helpful any more – and the health system got more and more complex because
    many people sucked out money.