Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary (Cancer,Aids,Crohn’s & more)

In this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects …
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  • Marie Jose

    Its all about money, this plant can replace medicins fuel clothingmaterial
    buildingmaterial plastic etc. Guess why its illegal!!

  • Phil Bowyer
  • Freddy Da Kine

    Moronic reasoning. Americans have been against tobacco, use of illicit
    drugs, and excessive use of alcohol but when it comes to cannabis users
    defend it with every possible excuse. Have you forgotten that tobacco comes
    from a plant too? Medical cannabis is a great money and tax maker but
    that’s all. If you’re using cannabis then you’re most likely using other
    illicit drugs in conjunction. Stop making dumb excuses…

  • Lorensr1

    For you nay-sayers…
    As a lifelong migraine sufferer, cannabis helps. In combination with
    traditional pharmaceuticals, cannabis is the migraine killer. Friends and
    relatives with Crohn’s, swear by cannabis. 

  • Billy Willy

    The US is still living in the days of that phony baloney Reefer Madness.

  • thomas lowe

    Alot of people think the whole prohibition of marijuana has to do with left
    vs right it doesn’t, it has to do with pharmacuticle company dollars,
    neither right wing ran pharm companies or left wing ran pharm companies
    ever want people to start realizing that marijuana has the ability to kill

  • David White

    Becoming aware ;-)

  • Ney Blas

    yes … I want to smoke …

  • Lincoln Kush

    Great Video!

  • Ben Johnson

    “People United for Medical Marijuana” in Florida are working hard on
    getting marijuana on the ballot for 2014. If any out-of-state Americans
    want to help us out down here in South Florida we will greatly appreciate
    it. Congratulations to all the states who got their medical marijuana

  • Monty Arguezo


  • Ney Blas

    only a plant…she doesn’t badly not do… it is only a medicine when used

  • a jones

    A cure from the control of humans and the planet we reside… my
    view…cannabis hemp a natural plant hidden in plain sight very early on as
    another closely guarded secret in the controlling hierarchal family
    circles… Because anyone can grow it… the production of cannabis hemp is
    in the hands of the people… whom used it to feed, clothe, house, fuel,
    physically and spiritually heal themselves…their is no money or control
    in that freedom. These few families introduced fiat money controls and the
    cancers to the planet by witholding knowledge amongst themselves…Cannabis
    Hemp a cure for our earths cancers…?
    Keep the faith…Cheap prices discourage corporate / cartel interests…etc
    and allows anyone access if they choose it’s use…
    Expect us…!
    Good vid thanks…

  • tellusnolie

    The last thing big pharma and the psycho-elites desire is to have the
    population healthy and free to make there own choice. Nicotine is addictive
    as heroin and booze well, after the initial buzz just makes you someone
    your not. But with this cannabis stuff there’s a problem because if used
    responsibly can kick the shit out of what ales you and improve your health.
    This is the problem for big pharma who want the 100’s of billions of
    dollars to keep flowing realizing; ‘health is not big business, disease
    is’. The bought off politicians, well you need to make them go away after
    the next election meanwhile letting them know their hypocrisy. The
    psycho-elites, well they consider the ‘masses are asses’ and ‘useless
    eaters’ with the exception of George Sores who has spent millions (I have
    heard something like $80 million) in his quest to have marijuana legalized.
    He thinks it dumbs people down and helps the population become nothing more
    than ‘wondering generalities’ and ‘useless idiots.’
    No George, used responsibly by adults it doesn’t but when taken with
    aspartame, excitotoxins (msg, yeast extracts, etc), chemtrails, garbage
    food and now the new thing-wireless technology where our new brain is our
    cell phone that helps us to not have to ‘think’ because all the answers are
    just a few clicks away.
    Sorry, I got a bit side tracked but hey, do something about changing
    things. Copy this link, with others, and ship them to your friends who can
    do the same. It is only then that the ignorant and corrupt become
    enlightened and the word is spread about the real scientific facts and
    health benefits of marijuana..

  • Samantha Jones

    watch this:

    Marijuana Legalization Bill – H.R. 2306 [End Federal Marijuana Prohibition
    Act of 2011] Watch this for more information on H.R. 2306 Ending the
    Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011!

  • globe255

    Thomas Jefferson was certainly a very wise man.