Meat grinder Meat grinder

Karl Drais was the inventor of the meat grinder in the 19th century. The meat grinder is a versatile kitchen equipment. Not only does it mince meats, by changing the plate it could be used to produce breadcrumbs or fill sausage casings. It is easily dismantled and can be cleaned. The domestic meat grinder is used for small quantities but those used in the butchery can mince several tons of meat in an hour.

The commercial meat grinder has a mixer unit which is an optional attachment. This enables the even mixing of different meats together or even salt and spices. This is done before grinding so that the texture and flavor is optimum. The same is not obtained if the mixing is done after the mince. Another useful type of meat grinder for commercial purposes is the one that minces frozen meat.

Today more and more people are experimenting in the kitchen. The chopping of ingredients in a meat grinder saves a lot of time. A meat grinder may be manual or electric. If the meat grinder is not going to be used regularly or if it is to be used for small quantities then a manual one is okay. If not, an electric meat grinder should be the choice. When the meat is fed into the grinder the outcome of the size will be dependant upon the size of the hole plate. The head size and the bowl opening size should be taken into account when buying a meat grinder. The optional attachments of the meat grinder like the sausage tubes that helps get the sausage into the casing in quick time and there are also meat tenderizers.

Some of the wonderful dishes that could be made because of the meat grinder is Shepherd’s Pie, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Lasagna and Moussaka.  This is because the key ingredient is the minced meat. Mincing of the meat would take only a couple of minutes but if one were to use the knife mincer it would take more time and be more tiring as well.

The meat grinder is available in a range of sizes and models. The appropriate one should be chosen for ones use.