Mayoral Candidate Gifts Fake Marijuana Plants to Prove Point

CINCINNATI — A mayoral candidate hands out free pot plants, and dozens of people lined up at the University of Cincinnati campus to get their hands on one.T…
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This plant is the small plant from last year the little plant gsc cookies plant in first video in the bucket kept it goin inside awhole year got to big put i…
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  • Tony Effin Malony

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  • Dan Smith

    Real. I’ve been growin my own cut of thin mints called. master cookies. You
    only find it in phx.

  • Rod Burton

    This is the little gsc cookies plant from last year same one year later
    from first video in the bucket now revegging back kept after she budded
    last year to keep her goin they said couldnt be done now she’s back 2013
    same plant

  • Rod Burton

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