Master Bong – How to Make a Starburst Pipe

Master Bong - How to Make a Starburst Pipe = FREE Bongs&Pipes Get Everything Needed To Blaze Code MB420 = Buy 2…
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  • Jay Eff

    God I can’t stand people who act like like this when they smoke weed. They
    put on this facade like they are God’s gift, talk all gangster, think
    they’re hippies, listening to reggae, speaking fake Spanish, considering
    Orange Crush to be “Cali’s Finest.” Please. Anyway, I wouldn’t smoke out
    of a starburst pipe if you paid me to. 

  • Senisa Girton

    Omg I’m so in love with you right now lol I’m bout to go try this ish 

  • smokeydoke100

    I love that poker that clips onto a lighter. Where can I get one?

  • SWEED420

    yo MB8 ..
    that song in the background..
    i want it ..
    could you tell me how it called

  • Heavensent4Me

    Thanks, for the idea- and do not listen to all the rude people on here. (I
    will be sending you an email today)

  • Anthony Fears

    Email me that song playing in the background

  • rob504able

    Lol last night I didn’t even have a good g left. And no gars or papers.
    Made one of these and got sooooo loaded. 

  • Antonio Wagoner

    I love the things you do, masterbong08, keep up the great work. 

  • Wes Steinfeld

    Master of Dong is more like it. Supposed to be about only 4-5 starbursts
    the most for a quick pipe….”mediiii packssss!” dude you are seriously
    SOOO effing lame… super annoying and suchhhh a loser you make stoners
    look so bad.

    “It’s the starburst pipppppe! Woohoo!” dude shut the hell up wowwwwwwwww

  • Florence Love

    Trying this!

  • Oscar Alvarez

    What’s the name of the song on the background???

  • Luis Ocana

    whats the name of the song?

  • Corbin Saucedo

    Love it. Love it. Love it… You seem like the chillest guy. Videos great.
    Love what your doin on this channel by the way I’m liking the poker lighter
    clip where can I get one 



  • jesse wallace

    What is the name of the song and artist playing?? I like that shit. 

  • Marksey Money

    MasterBong you a fucking legend dude
    We need to hit up some weed together mayne

  • steven pinto

    the fuk that weed look as nappy as your afro

  • Joyce vizcaino

    What’s the song in the background 

  • Brizette Arangure


  • yourcrapp

    wtf is starburst? I’m not from the states so i have no idea, is it candy?

  • Bryan Cheang

    What’s the song that says master bong at the beginning?

  • Destiny Ford

    Love this idea!!! Thanks Master Bong!!!!

  • taylor schartz

    Hey what happened to making a “how to make” video of a starburst bong?

  • C Cobb

    Its called a persona and I think its better than most. Do what u do homie!