Marijuana: Why Some Get Paranoid and Others Don’t: Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #35

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“New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd traveled to Colorado to cover the state’s legalized pot scene — and it didn’t go very well. Now, Dowd’s “bad trip” is…


  • cheeple

    Good vid, bro I think you might be the world authority on cannabis
    anxiety, have you considered writing articles from hightimes, or appearing
    on the Joe Rogan Podcast?

  • Santino Spencer

    I’m done with weed after being high only 7 times. Ever since having panic
    attacks on my 4th time, being high has been an inner battle between my
    rational self and all the delusion, paranoid thoughts which would try to
    freak me out. My rational self would always win – just about. However, last
    night my rational inner voice was nowhere to be found.

    I was literally overwhelmed by negative and irrational thoughts bombarding
    me from a million directions and I just couldn’t locate my rational self to
    reassure me, it was lost in a violent sea. The music I was listening to in
    my earphones started sounding demonic, slow and repetitive I had to stop
    listening. I tried to do normal things like check facebook and youtube but
    I was so trapped in my own mind that I couldn’t recognise the layout of my
    computer or focus on anything in the external world for more than a second.
    I had to lay on my bed and wait for it to wear off. While hearing film
    characters say random stuff in my mind, while feeling like my heart was on
    fire, while thinking my head was vibrating faster and faster till it would

  • creepy b0ner

    My first (and only) experience of smoking pot was pretty creepy. I smoked
    with 6 of my friends from school. We did it at my house while my mom was at
    work, to eliminate the possibility of getting caught, cause the police is
    pretty rigorous here in Serbia when it comes to that sort of thing. So
    basically, I was a ciggarette smoker, so I inhaled all my hits pretty
    deeply, which probably wasn’t a great idea. When it kicked in, I
    experienced my first panic attack. Everything was in slow mo, and it seemed
    like everyone was spewing nonsense, neither could I keep my thoughts
    together long enoguh to actually communicate with anyone. I literarly felt
    like I was trapped in my own body, and it seemed to me like this was going
    on forever. I could feel my own heartbeat speeding up, and I was scared out
    of my mind thinking of things that could could go wrong. At that point I
    couldn’t wait for the high to end. Not to mention that I was giggling
    uncontrollably, even though I was scared out of my mind. It took me a while
    to snap out of it and just calm myself down, focusing on positive thoughts.
    I remember repeating “this is just perminant, so I should atleast enjoy it”
    to myself. That’s when I had a sudden moodswing from being absolutely
    terrified to being the happiest person on the planet. I really think that
    if I hadn’t snapped out of it in time I would’ve gone stark slavering
    buggo. That’s why I doubt I will ever try it again, I’m just not willing to
    risk not snapping out of it in time.. cause I’ve heard of cases where
    people were severely traumatized from weed..

  • Darius Evans

    In my paranoid state
    I had the empression that I was going to become a serial killer the it felt
    like my friends where going to kill me and I felt like I needed to defend
    my self
    It was like I had lost my mind
    But the moment you accept the fact that your mind is there and see the
    reality in the world you realize that everything you think about everyone
    else ( without asking them) is just perception
    The problem is finding a way to ask it so that you believe it. 

  • TheClassicV1

    Sometimes when Im high I lose control of my thoughts Its like a schizo trip
    for 2 hours, My latest panic attack I lost my mind and was hearing voices
    in my head telling me how i should have not smoked and how i fucked up when
    i did My heart was beating so fast i thought i would drop dead any second
    and My head was pounding I hopped on my bike and rode away so fast until i
    got home. I felt alot better when i was home i was no longer over whelmed
    by the THC Probably because it was 45 mins after i had smoked so the high
    was starting to come down but over all that was really scary and how most
    of my highs play out.

  • James Eaton

    I love this kid. I smoke regularly, but every once in a while; I will bug.
    I smoke only medical. Cuz has a card, he grows mad Sativa. Best way to get
    out of it, is too eat, take a shower or jerk off. Either one or all three
    work fine. One time didn’t want to do either, paid my friend $50 to smoke
    the rest of our Congo joint of “sour diesel” pulled me out of my paranoia
    state knowing he smoked more. Enjoyed rest of eve and smoked more later
    that night. The first high always the strongest hard-hitting anyway.

  • Taylor Cruize

    Hey I’m confused, i used to smoke pot all the time and I loved it, never
    got paranoid or experienced anxiety, however one day I smoked too much and
    got a panic attack, does that mean I have the comt thing?

  • Mandy McDonald

    I can’t smoke pot. But I’ve tried it prolly over a hundred times in my
    past. I really wanted to feel like my friends did and I’d just keep
    smoking. After my last experience I have quit. Haven’t smoked in like 2
    years. It is sooo terrifying and I feel as if I’m going to die. I can’t
    breathe and my heart starts beating so hard. It really sucks :(

  • Timothy Roberson

    The first few times i smoked pot, i smoked it with crowds and my highs were
    happy and relaxing because i was around other people. Now, when i smoke it
    by myself i feel scared and paranoid about my mom and dad for some reason.
    I guess if you have paranoia issues with cannabis you should smoke around
    other people.

  • irfan zaman

    i have been smokng weed almost for one year but i was not regular i used to
    smoke 3 times a week but in the past three months i have been smoking
    almost everyday and i get munchies everytime and i used to eat alot
    food.But now i feel worst after smokng pot my ribs,chest hurts and
    sometimes i feel vomiting and while i lay down sometimes i feel difficult
    to breath.Please advice me what should i do i am really worried

  • Robbie Mulkey

    I love cannabis

  • silentiumestaureum93

    One way to not get paranoid is to only take one or two tokes instead of
    smoking an entire bowl, blunt, or joint!!!

  • Stay Fit With Britt

    clearly you were blazed while making this! lol

  • plasticfood13

    I solved my problem by only taking small hits instead of big hits 

  • CKrecordskIsCo

    I had the worst anxiety/panic Attack the first time i smoked weed.. So i
    tried it again and the same thing happened.. My anxiety attack was so bad i
    didnt wanna leave my house for months lol .. Long story short i tried it
    again 4 years later which was last weekend and i enjoyed it .. But i was
    drunk so i wonder if it was just cause i was to drunk to realize or i grew
    older and my body was able to handle it better 

  • connor3067

    hey bryan, i seem to be one of those types of people who’s brain doesn’t
    stop spinning, in daily normal life, and my brain always bothers me, ive
    tried weed lot’s of times and i feel like things im already scared about
    bother me way more when im high, dark things start invading my head, panic
    attacks, vivid sounds and images. 

  • xUnleadedx

    You must have been picked on n school? You sound like the biggest valley
    girl. But you’re a dude lol. Your target audience is teens and you lie in
    the description and say your “Policy is to only work with medical marijuana
    patients” yet everyone who comments and writes in is under the age of 21
    and are first time smokers. I feel sorry for anyone having to sit here and
    listen to you. This is all bias bullshit.

  • NoHard Feelingz

    Long story short , if your a negative person and always see the cup half
    empty then you will be paranoid when the marijuana strengthens your thought
    On the other hand, if your more of a positive person and always see the cup
    half full then you will most likely enjoy your high.

    Your welcome :)

  • VenomSlash1

    My panic attacks would not be so tough if i could just breathe, this
    happens with normal tobacco but atm i am trying to define weather just
    smoking makes me hyperventilate or something but with weed the panic attack
    is definitely there 🙁 

  • WeedParanoiaVideos

    Winston! thanks for your comment. What’s really interesting about the COMT
    gene is that it actually appears to change its expressions in response to
    environmental variables, early childhood instability, stress, etc. can
    change the way this gene behaves. So what we’re really looking at is not
    just a biological variable, but what’s being called a “Gene/Environment”

  • Terry Reid

    Some ethnic groups handle weed better, it also depends if you have a
    predisposition for mental illness. I personally become more observant and
    mindful to some degree, which is a double-edged sword in ways. I become
    lethargic and overly apathetic which relates to weed and the sporadic
    fluctuation in emotional stability.

  • WeedParanoiaVideos

    the same study measured boolean trauma variables– did the subject
    experience sexual trauma before the age of 16, did the subject experience
    early childhood instability. The findings indicated that individuals who
    had incidents of trauma, who also abused cannabis (excessive usage) before
    the age of 19, were more likely to be diagnosed with schizophreniform
    disorder by the age of 26. (cont)

  • Sub LBC

    This woman is a fucking idiot!

  • channeIreview

    How come Cenk doesn’t attack her on the veracity of her claims about the
    hospital stories and the stoned driver incidents in neighboring states.

    I myself never have been an advocate of pot legalization and pretty much
    have been skeptical on those who have been selling as the solution for all
    of society’s ills and the tax revenues. However, I am certainly willing to
    look at real proof regarding its impact on Colorado since this new law went
    into effect. So far all I have been able to see is a whole lot of anecdotal
    horror stories and no real evidence from those who have been asserting
    claims of the negative impact of the legalization.

    If you have no real proof of something being bad, publishing obviously
    unsubstantiated accusations of its negative effects only serves to make
    your position look weaker not stronger.

  • HomelessRecluse

    The first time one of my friends drank alcohol, aged 14, she drank too
    much, slipped into a coma and died from alcohol poisoning.

  • olbear303

    I’ve never hallucinated from marijuana…. 

  • Listenbuddy1

    She’s one of those people who’d do with a seed and a stem.

  • Lone Wolf

    I’ve never tried edibles before, will have to get on it soon.

  • Electric Kool-Aid

    can’t hang

  • CrimsonButterfly84

    From 0:39 to 2:35 sounds like a Mary J horror story. Note to self: Don’t
    EVER consume marijuana or THC laced goodies. EVER!!!!!

  • dprague

    POT is Directly Responsible for the DEATH of Tens of Millions of Doritos
    and Cheetos!!!

  • PandaLeeGames

    Sounds like she had some panic attack mixed with some other shit.

  • GiorniVenibato

    First you try weed, then you try esctacy , meth and crack. It’s a slippery
    slope. Say no to drugs!

  • Dizzee87

    I’m liberal and i’m leaning towards legalization. But I myself have an
    anxiety disorder and therefore am doubting if I even should try it or not.
    I wouldn’t want to have a bad trip and get a psychosis. Is weed really that
    harmless? Sure you won’t die from it, but I mean mentally.

  • Felix T-Rex

    I’ve had a bad trip on marijuana, and so have some of my friends. It was
    awful. They way you laugh at her is pretty disgusting in this video, and
    shows an extreme lack of compassion. The horror you go through when you are
    one of those trips is indescribable. And she does have a point, it can mess
    up with people brains. I’m all for legalising it, but like alcohol, it is
    not some perfect elixir from the gods. Stop glorifying pot.

  • khaosjoker909

    Marijuana causes absolutely no hallucinogenic effects. Not only have none
    ever been recorded outside of peoples word, I’ve been smoking for years and
    I’ve never had any sort of effect like that.

  • darttoyou1

    Im surprised she didn’t mention god, imagine what pull she’d had stated
    that god told her his plan. The sheep would eat that shit up and fall in
    line. Cant educate them and cant shoot them.

  • ThaTroothHurts

    That woman is either a lying bitch or a complete moron who doesn’t know how
    to tell weed from something else…

  • SnarkySoren Fox

    Sorry for being a noob but WEED CAN BE EDIBLE?!?! And to think I stayed
    away because I hated smoking! Dayum. ._.

  • hellsbloodyrose

    THC can mess you up if you consume to much.

  • stinknus

    I severe anxiety and other mental problems, weed kicks my anxiety into
    overdrive. BUT everyone else in my group doesn’t have the messed up
    chemistry my brain does. It’s not for me, But its hard to argue with facts
    I’m in the minority here, most people aren’t as fucked in the head. they
    can handle it.