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Medical marijuana is a hot topic in the US. Pot activists are constantly battling the government to allow for the use of weed to cure or treat illness. But w…
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  • instrumental12

    I suffer from severe chronic pain, but I’m to poor to pack up and move to a
    legalized state… Hopefully someday soon the federal gov will realize that
    marijuana is not our enemy, want to solve national debt? Tax weed. Want to
    create jobs for millions of people, legalize weed, want to help find cures
    to many diseases, legalize it so research centers can have access. Want to
    reduce prison costs? Stop arresting people for possession of THC. Soooooo
    many reasons why it should be legal. If people can smoke cigarettes and
    drink alcohol, let people smoke instead, or even vaporize/eat marijuana,
    it’s much healthier for you. Rant over

  • eyesopenedify

    Variety of strains? Genetic breeding and cross breeding???? When is man
    ever going to get it?……Don’t fuck with mother nature! Maybe if man
    would stop splicing and genetically modifying everything that moves, there
    would be no such thing as cancer and all these other man made diseases. I’m
    very ambiguous on this matter, but still learning.

  • blackhawkdown132

    First of all its cannabis. medical cannabis marijuana is 3 different
    varieties. The first is Sativa which is associated with the head high A.K.A
    felling like a kite. The other strain is Indica which is a body like high
    which can be helpful for patients with body pain. The third is ruderalis
    which is hemp and hemp contains no THC or CBD. also 

  • Alexandre Chateaux-Martin

    Tipic paranoïd trip, MrAndyPee. Would you take prozac or anxiolitics to
    feel good ? NO ! A doctor must prescribe it to you. Same with MJ is
    justice. Also, recreational use is often too much amount of substance and
    people got stoned. That’s not the point !

  • stackn damost

    What’s the difference between #marijuana & #MMJ?
    #medicine #health #weed #cannabis #thcnation #CO #WA #CA #USA

  • United Patients Group

    What’s the difference between #marijuana & #MMJ?
    #medicine #health #weed #cannabis #thcnation #CO #WA #CA #USA

  • Philippe B

    thats false. any illness can be reversed PERIOD.!!!!!! idc what u think it
    is so

  • Killer97

    one costs 20 bucks and comes from a dealer and the other costs 50 and comes
    from a pharmacy

  • aaaaaaaaaaaadddd

    Ether way. you get it you still getting high.

  • Michael Capps

    Religious uses? 420 temple. xD

  • ahmed mido

    is medicinal marijuana smoked ?!.

  • cappyu

    bullshit idiot try having chronic fucken pain everyday foolish person

  • Ich Nichtdu

    This guy seems a bit more competent than the women from the prior vid, but
    still… Marijuana is not a plant. It is a term used for the dried buds of
    the female cannabis plant meant for consumption;)

  • nicholekrazy

    Ok then……

  • MrXboxthreesixty

    No I’m first



  • Laughtraxx

    No its the other way around. All Marijuana is medical and anyone who uses
    it is taking medicine whether they realize it or not

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  • jusk

    True, also good excuse not to eat raw chemicals.

  • Marine Raiders MILSIM

    Those who claim that smoking or using a vape pen to ingest it, are fools.
    HOWEVER, extracting the compounds for medical use is fine. I have a very
    close friend who smokes pot and its killing her. You can physically see the
    effects. Shes very paranoid. Her grades plummeted, and she will do about
    anything to get it. Its heartbreaking, along with studies showing that
    recreational pot leads to birth defects, a tripled risk for Schizophrenia,
    and an IQ drop of 8 points per 6 months smoked on an at least 3 week basis.
    It breaks my heart to watch.

  • Robeon Mew

    you need to research weed again Dguys

  • darknessseess64nin

    Okay here’s the ultimate solution don’t do drugs, don’t smoke, and don’t
    drink… Who cares what’s worse, its all bad shit…

  • inoel arias

    yeah people are just looking for reasons to continue on with their

  • kkevin369

    Marijuana is overrated. And it’s not some magic medicine. It just makes you
    block your problems for a little while. It sucks.

  • Sunil JG

    The research is not there because marijuana is wrongfully listed as a class
    1 drug. thankfully the Obama administration is going to put in in another
    class so that it can be studied. 

  • Torguish

    Legalize. Keep it under some kind of constraint like X amount of weed per
    month. It still needs to be monitored and i also think alcohol should be
    monitored so HNNNNNNNNNGH

  • Jaron Martin

    All weed all the time is my vote. 

  • DGregster


    This is why.

    Marijuana is not harmful to the body (except for the smoke itself, but
    there are other ways to consume it). In fact, it has many medical uses and
    can replace dozens of daily pills. It helps people to feel happy and
    appreciate the world around them while also increasing creativity and
    curiosity. How is that a bad thing?

    Alcohol and tobacco are proven to be more of a gateway drug than cannabis.
    They also are horrible healthwise for you…but are somehow legal? Oh
    that’s right – the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies are
    making billions off of us keeping marijuana illegal. Plus, if marijuana was
    legal, those who use the substance would be much more likely to respect the
    law rather than disregard it as something irrational.

    Cannabis is not physically addictive (and can only become mentally
    addictive if you allow it to take over your life). The government would
    save BILLIONS of dollars of pointless spending, thus shrinking our deficit.
    There would also be much less drug-related violence. Prison cells should be
    reserved for murderers and rapists – not for people having a good time
    smoking an herb. In fact, the plant was originally made illegal on a basis
    of racism and yellow journalism.

    Marijuana brings people together (I have made a lot of friends over sharing
    a toke). All the past research saying it kills brain cells and permanently
    causes mental impairment have been scientifically disproven. It is
    physically impossible to overdose on, you would need to consume about 1500
    pounds within 15 minutes…and that’s not only physically impossible but
    who has millions of dollars to drop on marijuana anyway?

    Yes, it may slow you down temporarily, but who needs to be speedy 24/7?
    Most people use it on their downtime anyway, so who cares? Also, just
    because something is legalized doesn’t mean everyone has to try it. People
    should have the CHOICE. I thought America was the country of freedom and

  • DNews

    We all know someone who enjoys medical marijuana for medical purposes, but Is
    Medical Marijuana As Helpful As We Think?

  • Brendan O

    decriminalize it. don’t legalize it. The last thing we need is Monsanto
    getting involved in the weed game. 

  • Swagetronj

    yeah cannabis oil is a known cure for many diseases

  • Matthew Sands

    Did a blind monkey do your research? First of all THC is a cannabinoid.
    Secondly THC and CBD have been shown to directly kill many forms of cancer,
    not just inhibit its spread.

  • Sara Blackmon

    What about cannabis oil?

  • Jeroen Verbaarschot

    for you americans it will be yes

  • Hayden Riley

    Shut yo ass up wit that fake ass polo

  • Juanito Sainz

    You’re right but you suck