Marijuana T-shirt Protest at Aurora Mall

One week after an Aurora (CO) shopping mall harassed and banned a man for wearing a “Yes We Cannabis” T-shirt while shopping, SAFER organized a protest in wh…

Ciao a tutti, nuovo video DIY di questa maglietta che a me piace molto, se vi piace lasciate pure commenti o consigli! Al prossimo video :D.


  • dee brown

    The stupidest shit to bother somebody over, a t shirt. So I guess they
    wouldn’t mind if he had a “tobacco 2 the future” t shirt. Oh tobacco is
    legal so we don’t mind, even if it kills motherfuckers every day.

  • mycelian

    @DomingoR07 I think Aurora Mall is about to be known as the best place to
    hang out with your cannabis related materials.

  • appstatefb2

    pause at 20 seconds….wtf is “Cannibis”?

  • tubofbologna

    pro-pot-protestors… say that 5x fast!

  • Scott Smith

    WTF is this? communist china? getting stopped by some minimum wage
    rent-a-cop bitch because of a shirt? BOYCOTT THE AURORA MALL!

  • nottobright224

    @PhuckAllYouPeople i love how shit didnt go down hill until blacks had

  • MoCityDon1508

    if i go to the mall over here in louisiana with a weed shirt and hat they
    dont tell me shit

  • ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

    First they ban a safe, non-toxic plant, then they ban a t-shirt with a leaf
    of the same plant. Hasn’t the idiocy of all this sunk in yet? Google
    “OVERGROW THE WORLD!” and start to learn the facts, people…this inane
    attack on the rights of the people and against a harmless PLANT has to
    stop…haven’t we wasted enough TRILLIONS of dollars fighting a plant that
    is known to be a cure for cancer…that we are not allowed to have? This

  • jason4275

    Sue them

  • mayjayjuana


  • BarefootRadio

    well done

  • DavisMht

    Good! I refuse to shop at the Aurora Mall..Seriously, I hope they go out of
    business. Did you know that if you take your teenage children to the mall,
    they check their IDs? Seriously….it is disgusting that they check your
    children’s papers when you spend money there! They are oppressive and
    arrogant…take your money elsewhere!

  • TrueBlueAustralian

    FREE Marc Emery.!!!!

  • hardkoregamer999

    the mall can go fuck themselves with their retarded hypocrisy this is a
    free country dammit!

  • Keith Salazar

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