Marijuana seedling ( Day 1 to 28 )

This is my first time germinating seeds. I started with World of Seeds Afgan Kush. The seeds germinated in about 4 days. From there it took a total of 28 day…

Video Rating: 4 / 5 Question and Answer – How to care for new marijuana seedlings when starting your home grow op. A new grower showed me his new seedlings t…


  • jukemonkey

    is it ok if the first two sets of leaves yellow and wilt away? I’m talking
    about the first round ones (Cotyledons) as well as the first true leaves
    that grow right after (the ones without fingers). These first two sets have
    wilted but the rest of the plant has a healthy green color. Not sure if
    it’s a nitrogen defficiency or the energy is of the plant is focusing on
    the production of the upper leaves.

  • Kenneth Stevens

    How long did u keep them on plain water?? Did u rinse the coco first to

  • GulfVet213

    It’s cool that you tell what you would have done differently next time. No
    matter how good at growing a person is…one can always learn more. 

  • TheStruggleGod

    How much water were you feeding them with the nutes in the cups?

  • Anthony Ochoa

    What do you do after the 28 day? 

  • Joel Cruz

    Why do you need to keep them humid ? Im goung germinate it but not t i sure
    why wol. He able to just keep them by the window ? 

  • chris mendoza

    whens a good time to leave the dome off once they start sprouting?

  • Randall Seeley

    Looks good but why mess with feeding in the seedling stage? Hurts them more
    then helps.

  • psyccoII

    I really appreciate that you focus time on your mistakes and what you
    thought you did incorrectly. In this game I learn more from mistakes.

  • chris mendoza

    what kind of light and buld did ya run for the seedlings ?

  • Marco van Pelt

    i got afghan kush x super skunk seeds , iam so excited about it , my first

  • jimmy smith

    very nice my freind i like how your going about your garden always keep
    notes! and always listen to the little ones i am subbed!!

  • C. Foster

    mixture of over fert and scorch as he mentioned my opinion go very easy on
    the fert at that stage untill they are a week out of the vegitive stage

  • Total Noob Grows

    Great video man ive watched it a few times, switched it up a little and did
    the things u said u would do different, my plants are at 11 days old and
    there doing amazing. Gonna upload a video next week if you wanna watch.
    Your video helped me alot, keep it up man

  • Joe Blo

    Consider putting the plants closer to the light.

    They’re stretching like mad for a seedling.

  • Dorothy Tonge

    Hey I’m an Aussie chick just about to start my first grow ever I was
    wondering if you could make a video on the veg process
    How long dose it take?
    What to watch out for?
    In this process are there any no no’s?
    How do you tell when your babies are budding I’ve been trying to find a
    step by step process for the veg stage but I can’t seem to find one any and
    all advice would be great an upload would be even more awesome 🙂 

  • anthony bryant

    How grow seed to plant 

  • honkong bluee

    My seeds are well I just have them in cups in the room with just daylight
    they are about 4 inches after 4days pleas what next I have a grow tent with
    600 sodium light?

  • BO2BeAsT935

    I got some blue dream and my seedling has sprouted and i planted and it has
    not sprouted yet ill be patient

  • Group Test

    Can I grow my weed in a toilet bowl

  • Juiced Cannabis

    Hey Tyler – I’m all for moving up and growing your weed in bigger pots
    right away – you have to be sure to give the soil a full wet-dry cycle so
    the roots get oxygen, but if you do not over-water the cannabis plants,
    bigger pots are better for growing marijuana. More stable environment for
    the plant and way less work for you.

  • Ruizclearsbongz

    My seeds sprouted about a day ago put them on miracle grow cup od soil nd
    im getting ocean forest soon will it work out ?

  • Juiced Cannabis

    Thank you! Great to have you aboard!

  • Maverick F

    Question: How do I figure it out real early? I planted lots of seeds so if
    I find males I can pull them out. They are about 2 months old right now
    and some are very VERY short with leaves pushing out all over. I don’t see
    sacs or hairs. They are not under 12/12 because I am not done growing them
    yet but wonder how to figure it out now! Please help and thanks.

  • Michael Ronson

    Is iced water good for the plants

  • Eric X

    I have more than 10 different seeds…
    I just wanna grow 2 or 3 plants …for my first time.
    What do you recommend for me to do?

  • Richard Clements

    i start with seeds and my babies are over 9 foot and growing and Shilia
    Tripletes are 15 foot wide they love me 

  • Trent Eubanks

    I like what I see keep up the good work happy growing

  • Joe Trujillo

    Luck I wish I knew what I was doing, my seedlings are starting to bend an
    not grow strait any tips?

  • Drews-herbal-vapor reviews

    I have seedlings now in solo cups with happy frog when can I start veg
    nutes ? Will there be enough in the soil til transplant ? & then when it’s
    In a bigger pot how long does the nutes in the soil last ? Thanks Drew. (;

  • Dorothy Tonge

    How long should I wait to prune my plants and how should I purine them ?
    I’m growing outside they are two weeks old to date today from seed 

  • Vito delnegro

    Im a first time grower and i just wanted to know when is it time to harvest
    for drying 

  • Geraldo Gutierrez

    You think u can help me out? On the sexing

  • Nicholas Lozupone

    I like how dumb and dumber 2 is the advertisement for this video

  • Tonny Rotten

    What happens when the stem is pretty long?

  • GroundHog Thomas

    I am growing for first time and I cannot get them big for outdoors. Then
    just won’t grown with 1000 waz light system

  • bbrain2

    Transplanting stunts their growth. Check out the video on how fast roots
    develop underneath soil.

  • Homegrow420

    great video. I grow from seeds every 3rd run.

  • jason lozada

    I just repotted my seedling into a bigger pot, I added water to bottom soil
    and transplant , the seedling.and water after.

  • hayward 510

    i watched your whole video and you are sharing some good info when you
    answered that guys issues to a T. it took me two years of indoor growing to
    fully understand the whole overwatering issue i had. your right, start your
    seedlings or clones in small containers til their root bound and easy on
    the watering til the roots fill the pot more. the cannabis bible doesnt
    point these things out. i am a experienced and am vending clones with my
    local clubs bay area 510. i would like to share some things about cloning
    with you. i use to clone exactly the way you do bubler airstone rockwool
    cubes in dome. i have a way better system that i would like to share with
    you. i grew outdoor since i was 14, im 33 now and been doing indoor for 2
    and half years and it took me a year and a half.outdoor was easy. my name
    is Francisco hit me up juiced cannabis we can learn from eachother. 

  • michael scott

    hello sir , my 1000 watt hps is burnt out can I get good
    results from my 1000 watt mh from start to finish ?

  • Drews-herbal-vapor reviews

    Yeah there blooming now I just got your message lol check out my channel
    I’m in day 21 bloom & the easy on the nutes thing I have done that & it
    worked great for me I’m pretty happy (;

  • troy holeman

    very helpful I’ve been wondering why my seedlings where dieing when I was
    starting them in 1 qt pots. thanks for the info.