Marijuana Prohibition [FACTS for legalization!]

Made this in After effects cs5 2727 B.C., China begins using marijuana for Medicinal use. 1492, Christopher Columbus brings Marijuana Sativa to the new world…
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Just a video of some information about marijuana to educate the minds of the people who believe weed is a horrible drug. Smoke up. Read. And enjoy the music.
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  • beebop161

    @misfitsg17 i meant legal retard

  • TechtodaProductions

    @igo4yogos no its not ive been smoking it for 8 years BECAUSE I HAD CANCER
    AND A TUMER IN MY LUNGS guess who doesnt have a tumer anymore or cancer
    don’t believe everything the government tells you and no i didnt go to kemo
    or have radiation i just smoked weed

  • PwnKone

    0 dislikessss!! <3

  • UltraGar

    this isnt even your vid… smh. ive seen the original -__-

  • TechtodaProductions

    @WithScissorWeRun thanks bro

  • TechtodaProductions

    @UltraGar yes it is my vid that was my other account wich i cant sign on
    anymore so i post my new videos on this one……………

  • russianbuds

    Informative, but I found mistakes in your info. Indica/Sativa are different
    variations/species in the family of Cannibea.One is not more potent than
    the other, simply a different ratio of cannabinoids which instill a
    different ‘high’. There are varieties, both Indica and Sativa with a THC
    percentage of 20%+. These species have evolved separately throughout
    geographic isolation. Your comparison of cannabis to alcohol is irrelevant
    as any person may react different to these substances

  • TechtodaProductions

    @BorkGonsam yeah i understand

  • TechtodaProductions

    @not2laten3v3r2lat3 no it doesnt i ate normally with kemo ( i was on kemo
    for about 5 weeks), i was on powerful anti nausia medicine i ate EXACTLY
    the same amount that i did when i wasnt on medical. Marijuana’s THC, CBD,
    and the other C_D, heal your system and makes cancer cells eat them selfs
    then reproduce inside of other healthy cells. Marijuana also boosts up your
    immune system but your immune system can never kill cancer your white cells
    are eaten by the cancer and tumer, you cant fight it.

  • beebop161

    @dr0by1 it’s easier for kids to get marijuana now then it would be if it
    were made illegal… So that is just another reason why it should be
    legalized =)

  • Brian Emmons

    @avanty123piw yellow journalism, protection of corporate profits, and the
    government can’t regulate marijuana use. that’s why

  • seth davis

    @TechtodaProductions no offence but medicaly, all weed does for you is make
    you basicly get the “munchies” so you eat more and get your immune system
    up soit can fight off the cancer.


    one thing you are wrong about is the addictiveness of cannabis. im
    currently going cold turkey off weed and ive been suffering from
    sleeplessness, mood swings, fatigue and social anxiety. My brain has also
    been ‘fuzzy’ since ive stopped. cannabis IS addictive, mentally, and with
    frequent and prolonged use, physically. great video nonetheless, but you
    forgot to research one aspect for your video.

  • rieper96

    what you wrote about the smoke and the lungs really blew my mind bro

  • TechtodaProductions

    @Un1TedBouNceRs Yes you can.

  • Cole Stallings

    @igo4yogos i love trolls. go hang yourself

  • Remzi Suleyman

    explain again why it is illegal? i hate the government.

  • Brian Emmons

    The only negative effects I found for marijuana is that it is linked to
    decreased motivation only in youths, very minor shrinkage of the
    hippocampus which controls memory, emotions, but the shrinkage is reversed
    when you are not smoking it, and a little wheezing after long term heavy
    use, but nothing life threatening towards the lungs at all. We are wasting
    over 20 billion dollars a year “fighting” marijuana use alone. Put that 20
    billion towards education or something useful. Smoke on brothers

  • TechtodaProductions

    @STEVEEBEE I will agree cannibus can be addicting mentally but there has
    been no records of physical addictiveness and withdraw effects. I recently
    stopped 3 days ago and I have had those effects this time. Those effects
    are all mental effects, Your mind wants cannibus not because it needs it
    but it enjoys it. You crave almost anything that you interact with mentally
    but not physically. Hope you feel good soon!

  • Taylor Simmons

    lead the movement visionary!!!

  • TechtodaProductions

    @BorkGonsam 1. Cannibus isn’t an intoxicant it does no harm to your body.
    2. I started when I was 13, I then got a job and got better grades. Kids
    actually produce more brain cells while they are growing with the use of
    cannibus. 3. Kids will use cannibus less if it is legalized for adults
    because they wont have the urge to use it if its legal since kids have a
    rebellious state of mind.

  • iBounce

    Do I Have Permission to Upload This to my Channel? I will link your channel
    along with the description.

  • TechtodaProductions

    @youdavid8484 You are too !! (:

  • jacob sahl-hammerich

    Thanks alot for sharing ! 🙂 Great video.


    Like if you think pot should be legal?

  • noXgoodXdeedXgoesXun

    telling someone the facts of MJ will (unfortunately) hardly change their
    believe of legalizing it. although i do agree with this video(not the

  • lalakers1984

    legalise now!! worldwide

  • KingAra15

    well that might be true but everybody still expiriences weed differently. I
    mean u still see people getting pulled over and arrested for being high
    while driving, theres gotta be some reason for it.

  • phill lee

    if marijuana was legalised.. unemployment rates would go up. i beleive it
    should be used medicanally but not recreationally. plus they didnt mention
    that smoking marijuana can lead to psycotic episodes and skitzophrenia in
    some people. i know a person like this and its like he’s lost 24/7. he
    struggles to make it through the day doing normal things. fuck that shit!
    thats something that i wouldn’t wish to happen to anyone.

  • NukethewhalesMO

    its very possible

  • staggiboy

    But we’ll always have duty free = D Imagine being able to bring shit loads
    of quality green back home on a flight

  • braino2000

    Another myth, actually. I have driven drunk (never doing it again, alcohol
    makes you lose control and your completely incoherant while drunk) and I
    drive stoned ALL THE TIME!!! I’ve never had any complication driving while
    stoned. If anything it makes you more alert and aware since you’re always
    paranoid while stoned lol.

  • Marcus Davis

    weed will never b legal end of story u have no reason to legalize it and
    dont say it will help the economy cause it wont people can still make it at

  • charlotte key

    LEGALISE IT!!!!!! If you ask anyone who thinks the chronic should be
    illegal, why they believe this, They can’t come up with a single decent
    reason why. Alcohol is the main thing that fucks you up It fucks up your
    liver, Your brain, It makes you violent, do stupid things, not know what
    you’re doing, and become depressed. I’ve done so many awful things when
    drunk But never when stoned. I bet if everyone in the world smoked at least
    2-3 joints a day there’d be world peace =] peace x

  • fatezor

    Sorry people, but wake up. Theres lots of reasons why the government want
    to keep this plant down. Hemp could solve all fuel problems, produces more
    ethanol than kenola and corn! The oil companies wouldn’t want that! Our
    governments are basically ran by these oil companies. Marijuana would
    completely eliminate the need for MANY over the counter and prescription
    drugs. The pharmaceutical companies certainly don’t want that.

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