Marijuana-Policy Reform in 2014: VICE Podcast 026

This week on the podcast, Reihan Salam sits down with Rebecca Richman Cohen, lecturer at Harvard Law School and an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker. Cohe…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Colour Ethos

    it’s become apparent, that vice is in the pockets of the illuminati at the
    highest level, and is just a fake alternative media. it never discusses
    real issues, or exposes lies and corruption on a relevant level. 

  • Lord Moriarty007

    Don’t care if cannabis becomes legal. But I do hate stoners.

  • whereskarlo

    Marijuana kills. I have died at more than one occasion.

  • bitchslapper12

    I can’t tell if this is a joke or not. I’m sorry if this is supposed to be
    taken serious, but what the fuck Reihan Salam looks like a lizard!

  • ThoughtfulThug

    Vice sometime have interesting contents; but the comments I read from their
    videos tend to give me the overall impression that the majority of the
    viewers are extremely anti-intellectual and moronic.

  • matthew

    just one more ‘vice’ for weak-minded people to get addicted to. it’s not
    freedom when you are a slave to drug.

  • bradboy101

    despite my heightened interest in this topic the 2 personalities featured
    in this vice piece are turning me off

  • Sandy Lloyd Jr

    I bet she is hot naked…

  • erik washer

    marijuana kills. dont smoke the dope

  • OrdinaryInspiration

    I wonder if she has ever smoked pot. Just curious.
    But it seems to me like if you’ve never had it, then how can you be against
    it without firsthand experience?
    Its like a virgin who has read too much about the danger of sex yelling at
    people who partake it in.

  • Jacob smith

    wow this is fucking boring

  • longshotkdb

    i had no idea weed ran for president?! 

  • WinThePennant

    Somehow this podcast turned one of the most interesting legal, social, and
    political evolutions of the modern era, the legalization/decriminalization
    of marijuana, into the most boring POS vid ever.

  • My Stoner Mind

    Got thrown in a police cell tonight for smoking marijuana in the street.
    I was told I had one phone call, so I dialled Pizza Hut delivery…

  • Raising Creativity

    Always excited to see a new Reihan Salam interview. Another great chat.

  • MeesterWolf99

    sooo edgy!!!

  • Creighton Miller

    23:07 – people using marijuana have always been high; lol.

  • Farmfield

    First time I get uncanny valley creeps from watching a non robot.