Marijuana now legal in Washington state

Marijuana now legal in Washington state

A new law makes it legal to possess and smoke marijuana in Washington state, but pot possession is still a federal crime. For more CNN videos on YouTube, che…
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  • Mathew Smith

    guess where im moving to…. good bye England 

  • Peter Pan

    The government gives you the freedom to smoke marihuana because they want
    you to shut up and because it’s one of the steps to clean America, you know
    it’s easy to deal with people when they high !!!!
    If an American says, the government treads me like shit and I hate America,
    you know what they give the American ?
    A legal Joint ! Smoke up America and shut the fuck up !!!

  • Berniece Hilton

    I don’t see any logic in this legalization. people will start to smoke more
    marijuana, as consequence the number of crimes, diseases, deaths will
    increase, spending on health care, social security and justice will
    increase too…

  • Anthrix Dubs

    Paige 420 blaze it faggot bitch

  • tangerinemuffins

    You reap what you sow. The Americans shipped drugs from Afghanistan to
    Soviet Union to make their children and next generation bad so they won’t
    pass college or even have the mental capacity to study science and math.
    Now Americans children smoke weed everyday and government allow it and
    government cannot stop it. 

  • Shroom Hunter

    who the fuck doesn’t or didnt inhale? thats the whole fucking point

  • April Smith

    I hope all the weed you disgusting drug addicts smoke makes you brain dead.



  • Devin Mitchell

    All US states need to pressure the federal government to make pot legal


    legal or not im still smoking it and doing what i want

  • Brad Steeg

    Just say no to corporate pot franchises. 

  • popiews1

    Fuck the feds!

  • TheAAbck

    great where gonna have more swag fag 420 blaze it dumb stoner kids