Marijuana Man smokes with Marc Emery

Marijuana Man Smokes lots of bong of the marc emery bud and the jack herer .. Check out my blog at You can also find me on …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Josh Andriash

    Lol this guy cracks me up lol

  • jacko trupertson

    i no why there isnt any weed around atm, coz this fucker smokes it all
    hahaa peace

  • Seaton1518

    you gotta hold it in and hit it harder to be the real marijuana man..

  • Ba Bi

    The video is blocked

  • Antonio Marlete

    This guy is 24/7 stoned 😀

  • NeffGaming1990

    your a fucking god =} rock on dude

  • TheCopperhound84

    illegalize both tabacco and weed their both bad for you im proud to be
    straight edge

  • frysebox1

    this guy is higher than a kite

  • AlotofLoud

    It really doesn’t look like you inhale..I mean your funny as fuck and it
    looks like you get baked as shit…But I don’t know, you just blow that
    shit out right away..

  • Surreal68

    fuego en el agujero

  • Oscar Coban

    ilver hase motherfuckers

  • flamingcupcakes96

    how do you get all the money for the weed? hhahaa

  • grimryper7

    Woooooooohoooooooo. Bongs Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bud density

    did you see how much he pack’s and buy’s he dosent have to hold it in and
    choke… he is as high as you can get… but he also has to spend alot more
    or smoke more that is all

  • 1badassnicca

    thats heavy

  • xXAeon89Xx

    The market is the gateway… u buy some pot from a dealer who also wants u
    2 buy crack, amphetamine, etctec, the key is 2 say “no, I’ll stick 2 pot” !
    😉 I tried lots of stuff when I was 18, but that’s because I was curious,
    not because I tried smoking pot and HAD 2 try other stuff, that’s just a
    bullshit lie ! if that was the case, wouldn’t there be LOADS more people
    injecting heroin in the streets ? btw, u “do” dmt every night, it’s the
    chemical responsible 4 ur dreams 🙂

  • fgdag gfa

    Were do u get your holy herb

  • Demonix Auxinity

    Then The Whole United States Would Become Mayhem

  • Al Mad

    people who smoke weed with Tobacco can’t just switch to straight it tastes
    nasty. plus the tobacco industry runs the world.

  • Ian Schlierf

    I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado I’m lookin for a dealer message me

  • Christopher Reyes

    I want some weed

  • Fingervogel