Marijuana Man gets 7 new cheech bongs

Marijuana Man gets 7 new cheech bongs

Marijuana Man takes hits from his 7 new cheech bongs I now how to use the oil rig with a titanium nail so i will have one next week and will smoke from it al…
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We medicated while talking about a bunch of things. We used a hemp wick to light the bowl instead of a lighter to avoid the butane. I mentioned some strain r…
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  • KemoSTL

    English Guy = Spazz

  • CrashTestFetus

    His friend talks to much, and its reeealy annoying.

  • Kohohockey66

    Second bongs for dabs

  • Adrian Na

    where is the safest place to buy cheech bongs online?

  • somerandomcodplayer

    Just watching the videos, I don’t think he should have the awesome name of
    marijuana man. He’s cool and all. But come on…

  • Darude – Sandstorm

    dude you look like my football coach like no fucking joke, you talk like
    him, look like him, act like him, what the actual fuck lol

  • Curtis Ferrier

    Fucking retard this guy is lol wtf

  • ilivinahouse

    2 old 2b stoners… now its just sad man

    also 2 old 2 have zits on yo 4hed

  • Brandon Bourn

    Think about all the water took from all the bong lol then into the bigest
    one a hahahaha 

  • Well Informed

    looks like he was smoking meth out of those cheechs what up with the scabs
    on his head? 

  • Curtis Ferrier

    Its an oil rig put a nail on it

  • Joe Nasty

    its a dome u fucking morons

  • Joe Barker

    I bet off camera you guys have some serious debates.

  • tommyboy19841


  • 83 R.b

    I absolutely, truly, believe a peice was missing on that smaller glass
    rig…. you might want to try a glass/(or)titanium nail…the difference
    is, the price glass is less expensive, titanium,or you can try a quartz
    nail? They also make bowls to fit that male, by making a female bowl to

  • dylan lemoine

    You should make a vid of all of your bongs and stuff 

  • Justin Denton

    that small one looks like a bong that you smoke a dab out of 

  • Matthew Mangold

    40m = Dennis Rodman; former Detroit Pistons (Rookie); Chicago Bulls

  • Chris Leda

    Its a dab rig

  • Kienan Nowicki

    fuck these guys are annoying and nerdy as fuck! they’re probably in there
    moms basement for fuck sakes.

  • jake brault

    marijuana man is a ignorant unintelligent gay who thinks he knows
    everything but knows next too nuthing about what he speaks on u should
    stick to your bongs, witch u barely know how too smoke just saying

  • Rival Beam – Leader of Rival

    Hahahahaha 1:40

  • Nick Lee

    this is like a nerdy and diseased looking versions of cheech and chong

  • Arsenio Corrales

    hell yea just wat i was looking for some smoking buddies:)…im from cali,
    prop 215 compliant
    like watching your videos smoking dat OG, pretend im blazing with you
    guys…stay up playas!

  • Andrew Enochs

    are yall fucking twins ya look the same 

  • juan cervantes

    Keep making videos like this

  • boomster421

    You guys give off a great vibe. Keep tokin and keep being yourselves

  • max morrison

    dose he have anxity?

  • Natalie Carpentier

    People are so rude to you guys. Fuck what people say dude. For real. Fuck
    em. Keep on Tokinn, not givinn a fuck what people say. There’s always guna
    be haters. I think y’all are cool as hell (: btws I like that poster. Dude
    where’s my car is the best movie ever♥

  • kylum k

    Guy on the right is off key

  • venomvsspidey11


  • Jbren93

    Dude nice shirt! You guys seem like guys who love music 

  • TalentxYz

    I’ve noticed that hemp wicks make it so the hits don’t “burn” my throat

  • William Letterman

    Are they jews???? Hope not…. I liked these guys

  • David Coloradohigh

    As a fellow Colorado smoker, I say cheers guys!!! Keep in smokin 

  • Colorado Dro

    Dude on the right is pretty creepy

  • TheDemonGangster Colombian Revolutionary

    Looks like the perfect place for someone to smoke weed.

  • Cristov Garvado

    “ingest my medicine” fucc that shot just blaze

  • Nick Vineham

    You guys are fucking gnarly hahaha

  • Cristov Garvado

    you lil siency muthafuccers

  • J Pilkington

    These dudes dont evan hit the whole bowl! MAN UP bro

  • Lem Lewis

    medicating their asses off lmao