Marijuana Man and freddy smoke a 10 gram joint

Marijuana Man and freddy smoke a 10 gram joint

Marijuana Man gets high with his friend Freddy smoking a 10 gram joint with 5 kinds of weed in it 3 kinds of budder hash and 2 kinds of oil …. You can foll…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Marijuana man sublimates some budder hash then does about 11 bong hits…. you can follow Marijuana Man on facebook at
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • ashwin padmakumar

    u both soooo fcking high man………

  • Noah Turley

    wtf , yo in the green was on some shit before this video started lmao!

  • stephen byrne

    Freddy’s on meth 

  • Tyler Melson

    Hhey dude that was awesome hey what kind of weed is that is that do you
    think you could sell me some man where do you live

  • Calmer ThanTheDude

    Is Freddy even inhaling? He is like smoking it cigar style just puffing his

  • Federico Gimenez

    Damn at the first seconds i thought that was michael keaton LOL

  • Nate Kaczor

    freddys annoying

  • Ryan Pushong

    freddy can’t believe it doesn’t taste like kush

  • James Doakes

    Dude I hate when people roll up something magnificent with the intentions
    to smoke a masterpiece then soon as they light it up they realized they
    rolled all their weed into it and try to hint around saving some so they
    have it for later. Bitch, don’t offer the idea if you don’t wanna stick to
    the plan! If I have a half ounce and wanna roll a 14 gram blunt for
    everyone on a Friday night, were gonna smoke the whole thing in one session
    just like I had originally planned….

  • Matt Pinker

    Smoking for your whole life really does melt your brain doesn’t it 

  • louis dilloway

    22.00 onwards, Steves not even smoking it….
    Marijuana man all the way!

  • Steve Klostermann

    It’s like all this weed is working together lol

  • Terra Rasmussen

    ahahhaa this should be a movie

  • jack herer

    this dude wastes so much weed. He doesn’t inhale half the hits he takes and
    burns excess weed.

  • Andy Clark

    Ya he needs to hold that shit in in for at least 20 seconds. He dont know
    how to smoke

  • Bradley Knight

    Clean ur bowl ur getting different strand of weed from unbernt ween n the
    tortch burns the bud to fast

  • eugene styles

    your using the name marijuana man? and you read the og kush label like a
    go back to your old name britney 

  • Alec Opaliski

    I wish I could hangout with you! Your my hero

  • Caleb Smithwick

    where does this guy get all his weed from? makes me

  • MrSimenL


  • Dan Kitzler

    You dont even hold in your hits. What a waste.

  • Luis Cordova

    You never clear the bong .

  • inerbeast1

    i have a strange respect for this guy

  • M Rivan Akhsa

    he looks like he forced himself to smoke, i don’t know bout u guys but he
    looks like shit.. that cough and that “oooo my god” that’s just make weed
    look like bad drugs.

  • Ivan Kolev

    man u dont frekin inhale the smoke…

  • Chris Hall

    I need to get some of those grider-stash tubes, can’t find them though

  • Mason Cameron


  • sebastian månsson

    can you bay me at ticket from sweden to you ? :P

  • connor bray

    fucking marijuana on you tube you shit fuck

  • yummyscrolls

    what was the intro song?

  • nizzyD17

    Imagine how high this nigga is theres no time he isnt high from the amount
    he smokes

  • Josh Fauser

    This dude has fucking stage 4 lung cancer!!!

  • Jake Calliontzis

    All the strains look exactly the same lol

  • Dwight Williams

    lol what u smokin out of

  • Halim Can Erdoğan

    Adam kafayı bulmuş :D