Marijuana- Kid Cudi *Lyrics*

This was probably my hardest song so far to translate to lyrics. But THIS SONG DOES NOT BELONG TO ME!! So enjoy(: Thank you guys SOO much for 700000+ views!

I do not own the rights to this song. Under fair use of law. Happy 420!


  • clem latg

    ntm khaelyn monroe you sucks

  • Khaelyn Monroe

    the lyrics quality sucks, the song is sped up, horrible video honestly
    delete this shit

  • amir brown

    you made his voice sound hella gay faggot

  • cherry mobbsnap purorap


  • Courtney Hosier


  • Juan Rodriguez

    keep it going cuz im like

  • gerardofelix97

    I want wat ever pretty green bud he has

  • Nn Saaed

    i need it

  • Yahaira Mendiola

    know this is my song :3 love it

  • smokeybear

    if you like kid cudi then check out kottnmouth kings they have some great
    smoking music

  • bob sagget

    I remember the first time I got high…

  • FLiPKuRiZma

    i can tell this guy was HiGh when he sang this song lol

  • Yodaddyissofat


  • Marta Gutierrez

    bahaha. same 😉

  • mpdog100

    are you an idiot? ur channel proves u wrong

  • Patrick T.

    Happy 420 brothers and sisters

  • tna415

    i love this fuck song and i love getting hight to this fucking song 

  • Chris Cooper

    might go back to it when I am 21… Don’t know yet haha, still lookin for
    work n shit but yeaaa for sure hempfest 2017+ I’ll be there in Seattle haha

  • Wyatt Hagel

    @Wyatt Voyles ikr

  • Sakamoto Kumiko

    Since the first time I smoked was at a friend’s place and this song was
    playing in the backround…. IT REALLY FUCKING REMINDS ME OF MY FIRST BLUNT
    Since that time I have never been smoking without hearing this song 🙂
    Thanks for that Kid C… You are a good boy <3

  • Alvin Chura

    Haha I love this song. You guys mad af ripped that guy a new one.

  • winston ramey

    lol it’s not a drug, it’s simply a flower <3
    our congressmen, lawmen, judges, senators, ect. are all smoking the
    best-bud-money-can-buy. i want some.

  • Tyler Gogan

    first time hearing this song, playing it while i smoke tonight 

  • Jeremy Brannan

    Marijuana is not a drug its a lifestyle… Im not addicted Im committed 🙂
    Fuck all ya haters! 

  • BlownZen Modz


  • Bryce Horbal

    Was I the only one who thought he said ‘All in my blood’ at first? It legit
    sounds like blood if you listen. It would make sense too.

  • linda monroe
  • Wyatt Hagel


  • AhKit Sareyl

    Happy 420 – Malaysia

  • MisterPotato666

    we stoner, can do so beautiful love song

  • Marry Jane

    Awesome when linsing while stoned lol :)

  • Gavin Craig

    i have asthma, mild like you and have been smoking trees for years xD youl
    be fine (: vaporising is the healthiest way to go. Look into the magic
    flight launch box


    LA up in this bitch SO CAL #1 smoke upppp

  • powerlifter97


  • mattyg1234567890

    thank you. a real life example instead of a non smoker runnin his jaws
    about something he knows nothing about, Hell, even Einstein did cocaine.

  • Giulio Bergamini

    You’re absolutely right. Might I add that it is addictive in a similar
    fashion as sex. Sex is probably healthier, but the pattern “i’m going to
    make love with my wife every night”, is comparable to “i’m going to smoke
    weed every night”. Both are painkillers.

  • Matthew Volz

    errday 420 !!!

  • haxx49

    does weed effect people with asthma?

  • spencer chan

    hey everyone! wyatt has asthma, but weed doesn’t hurt him we can legalized
    now don’t worry. thanks wyatt for opening doors.