Marijuana Induced Psychosis

Define reality, if you can do that then you have no concept of reality. ‘Marijuana induced psychosis’ is what I called the experience that happened to me. Wh…
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  • Jointa Smokere

    Not the best title, I actually obtained Psychosis from marijuana ( the
    mental illness). I had smoked 24/7 for 2 years and had a mental break down
    that ended with me being hospitalized. Of course there was the build up.
    The following things had started happening to me before my
    hospitalization: Severe depression (obvious, as I frowned all the time),
    dillusions (thinking something happened, stressing over it, when really it
    never happened), voices,(voices tormenting me, causing me to be very
    paranoid and suicidal). Its strange, looking back on this. During the
    psychosis i had no idea what was going on, your brain is completely fucked
    up and has escaped from reality. But now that i’m sober, and back to
    normal, i can see how different my brain chemistry is from others, and how
    dangerous pot is to me. Hopefully if this were to ever occur for you, you
    would know sooner than i did.

  • Nathan Abolade

    Why is it that the rate or cannabis use has increased but the psychosis
    rates have been study?
    Here’s one link I actually had on my clip board ready to past


  • Astralnaught

    Yeah there is substances in weed that can cause psychosis. Substance called
    THC look it up

  • Tony Nacho

    Anyone ever seen Willow? That dude is Madmartigan!

  • Maryjane Green

    That if I did extcy, coke, meth, and bin alcohol poisoned before even spice
    the original shit that makes you puke and feel like your crazy…then I’ll
    be ok I just haven’t tripped in a while that was it but yea I stick to weed
    only .

  • Osato Igbinoba

    same thing happend to me two weeks ago I was GONE !!!

  • Maryjane Green

    Last night it happened to me I tripped balls I felt like I had short breath
    I had to shower I didn’t get the spins but I felt like I was about to ko
    like a punch almost like a heart attack lmao I even said my goodbyes to my
    wife and my son so after the shower I still felt weird so I told my wife to
    search on Google and it happened to other people I started laughing and
    feeling better after I read some stories the I had sex and I was all better
    lol I’m still gonna smoke tho how I see it is…

  • Yaboi d

    Ur a straight bitch lmao

  • lillian morgan

    There is a percentile of people in this world who can not smoke it.I am one
    of those people but i find that if i am with really great people and having
    a good time i am okay.I don’t like the times when i do stinkin thinkin.The
    thing is know when to smoke and when not to and all will be well.)0(

  • tomppanaattori

    I ate some dried weed last night for first time ever and I thought I had
    some kind of psychosis. I’ve never been so scared in my life. No more
    etabels for me.

  • Tony Baddalooch

    dont ever smoke weed again. you are one of those people who is a huge
    vagina and simply cannot handle themselves on drugs.

  • Jesusisthetreeoflife

    dangerous stuff…dont mess with it, took me 7 years to unwind the mess i
    got myself in

  • TheSelfishAltruist

    Its ironic that you disagree with the notion of cannabis giving people
    psychosis, one of the symptoms is believing there’s a conspiracy, and you
    claim there is a conspiracy. As as guess Im going to assume the big
    pharmaceuticals hiding the cure? Am I right. Because I can show you very
    easily why thats ridiculous.

  • TheSelfishAltruist

    I got the facts from published scientific journals, because I am a medical
    scientist. I have psychosis in the family, so am aware of what it is
    personally, and from my studies. I dont mind people smoking weed, I even
    think it should perhaps be legal, but people do need to understand the
    risks, because pot smokers are perpetuating a myth that it is safe, when it
    is not. I can point you to hundreds of papers proving my assertions if you
    like, but they can be quite technical.