Marijuana Inc. Inside America’s Pot Industry (Full)

PLEASE RATE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND VISIT US AT CNBC’s Trish Regan goes inside America’s controversial marijuana …
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  • B- Dang

    @ 3:44 2 of my most fave thing sexy girls lolz

  • Happy Gilmore

    moss landing is not north of san fransisco

    its in monterey county SOUTH of san Fran.

  • hadibadashi

    Propaganda piece from them !

  • Scott Ledger

    Making this plant illegal is like saying God made a mistake : Bill Hicks.
    And by the way MSNBC It’s called CANNABIS. It’s been on the planet for
    about 50 million years.

  • Colin W

    she’s hot

  • Brad S

    15:50 well, legalized it. This is one of the many problems of keeping it
    illegal. I would also encourage the Cali residents to embrace the 2nd
    Amendment (liberty) better than they are currently. 

  • marieh305

    Where are that family gonna move to the moon,alcohol and class a drugs are
    the real problem.take away the illegal part of cannabis growing and the
    crime rate will go down just look at amsterdam 

  • jared brewer

    started from the bottom now were here

  • Lauren Endres

    i dont get it man they will take you to jail for growing a damn pot plant
    but the farmers that grow tobacco have no problems at all and cigs kill
    more then 400,000 ppl a year.. why arnt they sneeking up on these guys and
    ripping there tabacco plants up.. lol makes no sence.. if you ask me i
    think the feds and the police doing these so called busts are wasting there
    time.. its going to get legalized very soon.. there doing nothing but
    wasting time and a bunch of our tax dollars.. we the ppl will win in the
    end.. we will get what we want.. we make the rules not you guys controlling
    our money and trying to control what we do.. thats not freedom thats

  • marieh305

    When will the media,and goverments get it into there head,that cannabis is
    here to stay no matter how many times or how much money is spent on trying
    to rid the world of it.

  • A Horse Named Sadie Productions

    George W. Bush was the weed kingpin of the west…?

  • marieh305

    and before any one puts it i know its not legal to grow in amsterdam,but
    the coffee shops,and the way the police turn a blind eye to it is the way
    to go. 

  • KuDeGrasBonVoyage

    It’s sounds like they are playing it way up on how much pollution there is.
    Maybe they should talk about half of the ocean life dead at the hands of
    These retards talk about pollution from Marijuana but methodically leave
    out the part about it being the reflex of making it illegal.

    People looking at a long stay in prison, that stand to lose everything,
    and having no support from mind slave America… why would they give a

    It’s annoy how these scumbag reporters/journalist spin it like marijuana
    causes these problems. How about quit criminalizing and victimizing people
    over natural plants, natural medicines, and indulgence, then make proper
    channels available for waste management and hefty tickets for those that
    pollute anyways. 

  • Karen guyette