Marijuana fights Alzheimer's disease, new study indicates

Marijuana fights Alzheimer's disease, new study indicates
Alzheimer's Disease is thought to result from a lifetime of brain inflammation. Cannabis is one of the most safe anti-inflammatories in medicine. Some neuroscientists believe a bout of pot smoking in early adulthood may prevent Alzheimer's onset later …
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The Canadian Government's New AntiMarijuana Ad Is The Most Hilarious Thing
We thought things were getting better. We thought the harsh stance people take aginst marijuana, claiming it to be a harmful drug that only breeds negative consequences, was being demolished with a more modern and unbiased perception taking its place.
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Harper Government's Marijuana Ad Is Being Disliked To Hell (VIDEO)
In the ad, a narrator asks over ominous music, "Did you know that marijuana is on average 300 to 400 per cent stronger than it was 30 years ago? And that smoking marijuana can seriously harm a teen's developing brain?" It goes on to say, "Smoking …
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