Marijuana FACTS They Don’t Want You To Hear

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  • freedomfighterguy3

    I changed my real name to Smokey McBongwater.

    My true name is now Smokey McBongwater.

  • creatureofgod2003

    Who smokes 30 joints a day! Poor monkeys 

  • dulcesweet cross

    this is horrific. for one who the hell smokes 30 joints a day i dont and
    its habitual use.the government did this to these monkeys just to come up
    with false facts. they put gas masks on these animals and gave them
    columbian marijuana over a period of 5min 60 joints through these masks
    which caused suffocation


    Sooner we can smoke it legal the better

  • Mike Klegin


  • Fly23true


  • henchmen999

    Moderation bro, that’s where its at. Nothing wrong with getting clean
    though, good on ya.

  • teewilson333

    There was a study were we took out the gene inside mice that carried
    “intelligence” What most people don’t know about this study is that if you
    place the mouse in a stimulating environment he entirely overcomes that
    deficit of “intelligence”. Could it be the same for humans that smoke pot?
    Suppose a human were to have a drive for learning and still smoke pot. I
    wonder if the human would overcome any deficit of brain cells depleted by
    pot usage. If you continue to learn how do you become stupid?

  • COZintheHOUSE

    whatc that documentary and you might learn something

  • Stuart Willet

    Alcohol was prohibited because it was used as fuel in cars, and could be
    made simply by growing the correct crops then using fermentation +
    distillation. Once the government had it’s ‘Gasoline’ stations up and
    running, cars converted to run on the new fuel, they could end prohibition.
    Our governments very rarely do things that are of benefit to our health.

  • El Acido

    @Kanthor420 weird man everytime i get high i feel like my room needs to be
    perfect so i start cleaning and shit..same with my body, i feel like i need
    to get healthy so ill drink water or eat fruits and shit when im high, i
    guess im too aware when im high.

  • Kanthor420

    I know entire families that have smoked weed since birth. These families
    never fight, scream, or clean their houses. =)

  • Calvakins

    I think you’re making up this “problem”, coz I would think most people
    would agree with Connie.

  • Jamie Erickson

    @MrTangodeep ….?? you make no sense.

  • IcecreamManFoxy

    Not necessarily many people smoke weed who have very important jobs and
    stuff you can smoke weed and carry on a perfectly normal life.

  • Kidgoku184590

    I agree porr monkeys. I actually focus more on school. Its less dangerous
    than alcohol… In fact irs not dangerous at all

  • Ben Joseph

    how about vaporizing it, dumbass?

  • weadone

    thank you. ye just proved my statement.

  • brettymike

    The “powers that be” want this suppressed,because it fix’s a million ill’s
    ,and their drug Co’s would lose billions. They wont bother telling you
    that,to avoid cancer,watch your diet and don’t let your blood PH drift into
    acidic all the time,cancer thrives in acidic blood – – look into blood PH.

  • polarweis

    i am way to high to studie about plants and stuff. im an apple.

  • juniorkitty11

    who smokes 30 joints a day! poor monkeys! 🙁 well yeah if ya smoke anything
    like that your deprive’n your brain of oxygen! killing brain cells! and i
    think the oil helps with cancer! if i ever get it screw treatment.ill try
    mother nature thanks.awesome vid..they are killing us slowly so why dont
    they want us to smoke pot?! IT DONT KILL US! thats why our powers to be are
    organized drug lords,coke,crack etc they only legalize things that will
    kill us! alcohal should be banned..but again it kills!!

  • Buster Ball

    it helps with my nausea. I like it. But i know allot of potheads that abuse
    it. I know more potheads then alcoholics. Thats just what I know. Idk what
    the right way to go with it. But I do know my fair share of dumb potheads
    that were promising as kids, then they smoked, & now they are nothing. If
    we are gonna talk facts lets talk all the facts. Lets be fair. BTW
    prescription pills are the worst & most addictive drugs of them all & they
    are government approved. hmm we know why that is.

  • porcsatul

    now 2 :))) was nat me!!!!!

  • MrChrisMcPhail2

    The best hemp and the best tobacco grow on the same kind of soil. The
    former article is of the first necessity to the wealth and protection of
    the country. The latter, never useful. – Thomas Jefferson