Marijuana Conversion with Butter AKA Weed Butter, Oil and Alcohol – Best Way

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  • tflood3

    why you wicked princess look at your globes i mean globe all that alci hol

  • John Bush

    I like her, but don’t like how she feels the need to apologize for speaking
    about things in scientific terms. There’s nothing wrong or shameful about
    being knowledgeable, and rather than assuming the audience isn’t smart
    enough to understand, educate them. Then they will understand if they don’t

  • John Thom

    Chic is cool…lol

  • Jewpacabra

    Maybe I should become a chef, just baking all day long having delicious top
    notch food, daamn.

  • Lindsay Nelson

    Can I use this crock pot method with shortening? Or would u recommend some
    other way ?

  • Stonedtosheep

    is there anything that can cause the thc to break down and be unusable when
    making cannabutter? exessive heat?

  • Chris Matzell

    Drugs r bad no matter wat I find this soooo funny

  • iremar knight

    is she high? 

  • xUnleadedx

    A gram of that garbage is not even close to the same as a gram of medical
    pot. I could eat that entire bowl of “shake flour” and not be hindered.
    Step your game up. lol

  • andiamoci22

    obviously not very scientific… rancid at high heat/?????????? lol

  • Aaron Montez

    Smart ladies are HOT ladies.

  • Alexandra Compton

    ruh roh, the “shake flour” looks absolutely putrid and the only head high
    one would get from ingesting it is a massive migraine… I recommend using
    actual good quality nugs and blending as advised, but create a tincture
    instead using high quality ethanol like everclear to cook. The alcohol will
    burn off leaving only a good high behind…AND your edible won’t taste like
    butt 🙂 Or just make your own oil/plant oil/ butter with bubble hash or
    full melt wax. 

  • Jon Michael Jacobs

    Is using leaves and stems for bubble hash also a marijuana cannabinoid
    conversion? It seems to me the process is very similar though using ice
    instead of heat or alcohol.

  • Ishmael Marin

    sexy bitch

  • Rob Howe

    The “magical butter 2″unit does all this so easy a stoner couldn’t make a

  • Sean Hurley

    fucks up her sentences and is a bit akward. semi nice production. kinda
    cheesy but almost prof. idk. it has potential. but not really

  • Moe Hunter

    AS a Health Nut your first TIP on using the Grape Seed Oil was invaluable
    to me.
    Reducing the MJ to a fine power “Shake Flour” and using 100% after sifting.
    Before Edibles can be ingested it is important they be decarboxylated which
    is the process of converting the THCA into THC by heating for 15 minutes,
    at 300 degrees F. resulting in a 70% conversion rate. Insufficient heating
    will result in the majority of the cannabinoids remaining in their acidic
    form, while excessive heating will result in degradation of THC to CBN or
    vaporization of the compounds.