Marijuana Causes Cancer-Suicide *MUST-WATCH!*

This is proof that marijuana causes cancer-suicide. Amazing. Reupload from user: dreadincify “…Cannabinoids cause apoptosis (cell suicide) in abnormal cell…

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  • libertyforamericanow

    can you imagine the pharmaceutical losses if marijuana does cure cancer and
    epilepsy and who knows what else?

  • Ignat

    “trigger” “initiates” causes was a poor choice.

  • itsadeadmansparty

    Since I am a programmer I think is time we completely redesign the train
    system. All these remedial tasks need to be given to machines. Honestly an
    entire train system should be able to be operated with only a few men. I
    understand that what I am saying does not make sense to you yet. In the
    future we will have machines do almost every task we consider, Dangerous,
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  • HempSaves

    This may answer your question as to how you survived smoking cigarettes for
    50 years with no problems. Doctor Mitchel Goldman from San Diego stated on
    Fox that smoking marijuana and smoking cigarettes at the same time reduces
    the risk of lung cancer. See my video called, “Cures to the World – part 1
    – Economy” for more information.

  • Nick Goldston

    I didn’t know Mr. Rogers was an oncologist.

  • walteregeaux

    when caught they can nab us

  • Claus Eriksen

    Hehheh..I dont think that tobacco kills at all.I´ve personally smoked
    tobacco for 50years and hash/cannabis 43years..Still have no problems..I
    think its totally mental..If you worry too much,thinking about the damages
    too much and so on,you will get sick..And getting a diagnose is deadly-you
    die fast..You can run around even with cancer,for many years!! Then you go
    to a routine check and get diagnosed cancer..and 2weeks later GONE…See
    this ALL THE TIME..If u think u get sick-u get sick…hhC

  • HempSaves

    Because it causes the suicide of cancer cells hence the title, “Marijuana
    Causes ‘Cancer-Suicide'” –not “cancer/suicide.” I was very careful of my


    Yes Hair Folical Tests! when you work for the D.O.T as a Freight Train
    Conductor like I do companies such as CSX,BNSF,ATSF,Etc.. They Make you
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    your instantly fired! If you don’t know what a Hair Folical Test is I would
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  • HempSaves


  • courtneyaleen

    so put THAT in your juicer and drink it…HA.


    Yes I did start smoking at ten years old I grew up with two older brothers
    and three older sisters and The day of my tenth birthday they took me into
    the woods and told me to try to hit this shit! and I did and coughed alot
    and They Laughed at me then about 5 mins Later I was laughing my ass off
    and Paranoid as hell that my parents would find out that i was stoned but
    we stayed in the woods all day! I and my Sister’s and Brothers still
    Remember that day like it was yesterday!

  • Claus Eriksen

    No no Im sorry..Bro..Total misunderstanding..Not personal at all..Maybe my
    English can be easily misunserstood?I tried to read my comment again,and
    dont really know what/where/why a misunderstanding is/was possible??There
    was absolutely nothing wrong with your comment at all..What is it your
    talking about? Hair tests?I feel with you…hhC

  • errlvapers

    only time i want to kill anyone is when i’m out!

  • Deena James

    this is the most crazy pot head video i’ve seen to date…

  • popiews1

    Damn girl……… ya think those lips can get any sexier?……..

  • oBazh

    Beautiful and smart.. The perfect woman

  • Majajajajajardo

    @krew brew
    Does it need to be bad to be prohibited?


    nadia i love you

  • Kiiiizle

    How can yu sit there and say it does not cause cancer, smoking anything
    will cause mutations of the lungs cellular structure which leads to cancer
    – smoke is not mean to be inhaled

  • 93214919321491

    4% of the world adult population smokes marijuana. 0.6% of the world adult
    population smokes marijuana on a daily basis. And it is so easy to get
    marijuana that if it is legalized, not much more people will buy it. Also,
    marijuana does not cause any diseases, only some minor short-term effects,
    and more of the public smoking it will not make it cause diseases, and if
    it is legalized, the government can grow it professionally and it will
    actually be safer than how it is grown now.

  • Chatwin Rajan

    am i the only one to notice her eyes move to see if she mugged that whole
    crap on marijuana that was displayed on ur screen??

  • 420squeeg

    I saw this playlist without seeing who it was by and went, “Oh, this should
    be rich!” Very nicely titled, MPP! It should bring some of the crazies in
    for a little truth-session. I worry their heads might explode, though.

  • krew brew

    Does it need to kill ppl to be bad?

  • MrJahka

    there are millions of cig smokers… using a drug should not be criminal,
    dude. imagine how disastrous prohibition of tobacco would be.

  • Dayvf

    Wrong wrong wrong. Whoever told you that lied to you. I suggest you spend 2
    more hours doing some research and then you will know a more complete
    truth, unless you prefer to believe the old lies. Of course, if this is
    just your opinion, then you are certainly welcome to believe whatever you
    want. But opinions don’t necessarily require facts, just a belief.

  • newworlddizorder

    bob marley says the reason they don’t want u to smoke the ganga is because
    it will make you question authority…….that’s why they made it
    illegal….not cause it can hurt u, but it will upset the powers that want
    to control u and the industries that pot would challenge, such as dye,
    cosmetics, rope, medical uses, clothes, plastics, etc.

  • richisamindset01

    Pot IS a gateway drug. It forces you into Taco Bell addiction :/

  • Chris James

    I’ve s

  • Jason Burge

    She is gorgeous.

  • Darkreidos

    There’s still the part where the smoke makes your lungs dirty as fuck and
    impairs your fitness, but why would anybody mention that?

  • Nick J

    Hey I have a question, excuse me if it sounds stupid..but I’m new at the
    whole weed thing. Will this apply to all different types of weed (including
    DRO)? Some of my dro smell fucking strong…again..does this apply to all
    kinds of weed from ses to hash to diesel? Or is she talking about pure
    grown weed fresh off the plant with no chemicals?

  • Eliza Smith

    I sit and listen to my significant other hack and cough every night while
    he sleeps. He does not smoke cigs but he does smoke pot all the time. It is
    harmful to ones health and that is the truth. At the rate he is going I
    will be a widow by the time I am 45. No one can tell me pot is not one! I have seen what it has done to the man I’s sad!

  • dover jason

    this video is so right lol idk whats up with people saying 1 joint is more
    tar than 4 cigarets and all the videos that say it have no proof they just
    “claim” lmfao

  • Laughtraxx

    That is just as stupid as making weed illegal

  • ledzeppelinrools

    @puffin4you funny thing is, is that they are sponsored by both alcohol and
    tobacco companies, as well as pharmaceuticals. they don’t want people to
    not do drugs, they want people to do THEIR drugs.

  • Giulash Asgds

    Dont be stupid kid. many times people try marijuana, and then that gives
    them the relationship to people who would be willing to drink with them.

  • PurePessimism

    @ELEMENTSFAN666 wow. You’re obviously not a pro-cannabis tard! Nope, it was
    only ever weed

  • KingKFleezie

    She fine asa mufucca 323