Marijuana Cannabis Use In Pregnancy Dr. Dreher

Marijuana Cannabis Use In Pregnancy Dr. Dreher

Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD, FAAN explains her cannabis and pregnancy research study in Jamaica. Pregnant women and their children were studied for over ten plus…
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Dangers of Smoking Pot While Pregnant



  • dogruler543

    Now I REALLY don’t mean to get anyone mad about my statement, but was there
    any research on the differences between a person in Jamaica’s (who most
    ancestors smoked cannabis) reaction and the reaction of someone in
    America(whose lineage may never have smoked it) if there is please reply
    with a link, thank you, we may be affected differently than someone from a
    country that has normalized its use. When the excluded 5 people for social
    interaction issues(mental issues) they didn’t realize they may have been
    padding the results? They might have had those issues due to the effects(or
    affects, please don’t complain about my awful grammar issues with this you
    all know which one i mean) of cannabis. Please don’t reply with half-assed
    seething remarks without backing up your claims with legitimate
    information(links and videos) that is pertaining to the information you are
    refuting. I have had awful experiences with pro-cannabis users(of site, I
    don’t really care if they consume or smoke the substance) and will just
    ignore your remarks. F you have read this far into my comment, thank you.

  • Goldee420

    look the endo-cannabinoid receptor will be there whether you indulge or not
    so don’t smoke meaning apply 480f of heat to your cannabis and not let it
    filter through water at least (glass only) but give your child a fighting
    chance in this war on us and consume either edibles,water
    concentrates,tinctures,topicals or vaporization at temps 300f and below.
    no wax or oil made from nitrogen,bho or alcohol

  • Mary Jones

    Very small study. Need more Studies with large groups.

  • toney jimen

    @cyron4028 u need to do some real research and see the marijuana has
    elements that we are also born with called endocanaboniods thatsystem kills
    cancer cells and plays a major roll in our body so wake up do real research
    u clown

  • Bryanna Zoltowski

    d1zzyx619x… OBVIOUSLY, you’re NOT pro marijuana all day or you wouldn’t
    judge anyone for doing it whatever state they may be in, be it illness OR
    pregnancy. To each their own I guess. I feel that this study is pretty
    substantial… 5 YEARS! This is awesome… GOOO MELANIE!!!

  • Chitownlunatic

    @cyron4028 I live with chronic pancreatitis and have chosen to deal with
    the pain by smoking marijuana instead of becoming a junkie taking the
    oxycodone and daladid the goverment wants me to take. It helps me tolerate
    the pain and EAT!!! If not for marijuana I would never eat I would not be
    healthy and I would have never have gotten pregnant. I’m currently 17 weeks
    pregnant and thanking god this flower, if not I’d be dead and most
    certainly not be pregnant.

  • terryliciareed

    I need more than one legitimate study. I respect her research, methodology
    & defense of both the project & outcomes. But for me to use data
    academically, I must have than one source; the word “other” was left out of
    the sentence in error. I didn’t want to participate in any finger-poking &
    useless arguing about the subject, that usually appear on boards of
    controversial subjects Many thanks for great info! PS: my keyboard was so
    messed up! An A could be G, caps whenever! Now fixed ($50!).

  • Cuntacious

    @sofiarenteria If you’re in the states, you have to be careful with
    smoking. Testing positive while pregnant is considered child abuse in 17
    states, using government insurance (ie. Medicaid) means you automatically
    okay a drug test from your OBGYN in most states, and many states regularly
    test newborns for drugs (mandatory CPS reporting if positive.) I smoked for
    morning sickness but I quit at the start of my second trimester when
    morning sickness stopped. All appears healthy so far. 🙂

  • Shelton Segrest

    America too, is highly over ran with poverty,high crime, violence,and on
    top of it Americans lack common sense,humility,and the ability to love,and
    think for them self’s!!! and are also prone to anger ,fear, worry doubt,
    jealousy…i hope they smoke, they need protection!

  • itsnotpoison

    That’s amazing! So many women have underweight multiples. Good on you for
    following your instincts!

  • Mommamae7

    Marijuana might cause new cell growth in the brain Asynthetic chemical
    similar to the active ingredient in marijuana makes new cells grow in rat
    brains. What is more, in rats this cell growth appears to be linked with
    reducing anxiety and depression. The results suggest that marijuana, or its
    derivatives, could actually be good for the brain. In mammals, new nerve
    cells are constantly being produced in a part of the brain called the
    hippocampus, which is associated with learning, memory, anxie

  • dreadedchickk

    — healthy at all. Look up the facts idiots.. If not it just makes you look

  • J Hicks

    smoke is smoke, lol you really don’t understand the chemical differences
    between marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke? you should do an experiment,
    compare the difference between a joint and car exhaust, start by sucking on
    the exhaust pipe

  • manumoka

    the audience is so scattered and disrespectful. it shows what the dangerous
    drug caffeine can do.

  • chris t Lister

    smoking is the way to get all of the essentials from the plant, the doctors
    can not figure it out. they have actually shown increases in lung capacity
    with heavy pot smokers, over people who do not smoke, mind you the increase
    is 0.1% but it certainly puts a big stump in all you pot-racist arguments.

  • stephen morris

    Intense Marijuana withdrawals, You really have not got a clue what your
    talking about. Do some research before making crack pot statements, it
    seems to me that you are still taken in by government lies and propaganda.
    Wake up.

  • kendigjl

    So a plant that makes you relax, laugh, think, and eat is inclined to
    increase the health/birth weight of babies?!? Shocking! Okay, first off
    HUGE kudos to this lady for putting her career at risk for even doing this
    study. Secondly, if these numbers can be confirmed by other studies in the
    future (I’ve taken statistics and I know how data can be looked at
    differently to obtain different results), well in order to “protect the
    children”, we need to go ahead and legalize cannabis immediately.

  • Steve Samad

    While there are clinical studies that show the benefits of pot smoking,
    none of them are respiratory related. This 0.1% improvement you speak of,
    does not exist. Burning ANYTHING and putting in your lungs is bad for your
    lungs, flat out. This is coming from a guy who has burned daily for 15
    years. Get real here people. Just because you enjoy it, does not make it

  • Nojoke88

    no1 said anything about having to believe me now did they?i never stated it
    was not still a risk now did I? I never said I was an expert on the
    subject. I am just stating what I witness and that is all. did I say every
    pregnant women should go out and smoke pot? no but u clearly missed the
    point I was making that it doesn’t seem to be a pressing issue that it will
    cause birth defects. theres a lot worse a preggo women can do then smoke
    pot during pregnancy.

  • madamebutterfly851

    I smoked marijuana during my 3rd trimester, and I have an incredibly smart
    baby. Most people cannot believe she is only 3 months old, her development
    is at 6 months. She is VERY responsive, smiles and laughs responsively, and
    is talking with inflection and making syllables. I know that my marijuana
    usage definitely did not hinder my childs development whatsoever. I had a
    wonderful healthy pregnancy and delivery. And guess what? Stay away from
    meds and other drugs, marijauna is totally natural!

  • terryliciareed

    You are not against it medicinally IF the disease is medical. What if it’s
    psychological? What if, at the end of a really crappy day, you ingest or
    inhale some cannabis and feel much better? Do you need the corrupt FDA and
    US govt to tell you it’s ok, when more than 10,000 years of history already
    tell us that? Sounds like you’re making moral judgments. You do for you as
    you wish, if you don’t harm others. Pot harms no one else, not even the
    user (but I’m still not sure about the unborn).

  • 420Radi0

    She is a scientist who has studied this for decades, how much more
    legitimate do you need, “Your Government”?

  • Jessica Cotterell

    I love how cannabis is always compared cigarettes (Over 4000 chemical
    compounds are created by burning a cigarette – 69 of those chemicals are
    known to cause cancer), alcohol, heroine and cocaine Non of these products
    help, heal, have any health benefits what so ever or contribute to society
    . Fox News is the most ignorant news forecast. Please Fox News….. educate
    yourself and try getting a non- republican’s opinion before you puke all
    over the nation. ;D

  • Dave Minnich

    Marijuana Cannabis Use In Pregnancy Dr. Dreher

    Watch that. Fuck Fox news. 

  • gilbert salcido

    Look its simple thc is what gets us high not the smoke that’s the burnt
    leaf ur inhaling Which is bad for u n ur baby. Common sense My wife is preg
    n she uses a vap. Straight thc n one healthy baby 🙂

  • Banahnah Babee

    lmao for some reason i feel like smacking the guy with the hair.. lol

  • MrJollyvolly

    i wholdet take the chanse anyway

  • MrSoad4eva

    @Guyjharrison spot on news= the joseph goebbels of the US

  • tay washington

    bull shit

  • Lex Blazer

    melanie dreher’s study was a good study….unfortunately it only sampled 30
    women. That’s nothing. Her results are interesting, but have to be done
    again with more women.

  • Gamer420Chick

    First of all people if you didn’t notice most of the negetive things he
    says about pot is mostly from the researches of smoking tobacco. This man
    is pretty much just combining two studies but not telling the facts from
    the study of marijuana. Like for one instance he says that the babys
    weighed less than the babys not exposed to marijuana. First of all thats
    some bull$#!+ because I don’t about you but personally when I smoke I get
    MUNCHIES like a motherf***er. so how can that be possible????

  • anemitz22

    This dude Is Full of shit…..yet another “true” Fox News story.

  • KKillaJ

    /watch?v=K9WorIM0RhA&feature=player_embedded#! check this out are you guna
    belive 4 minutes by fox news about why weed is bad? or would you belive a
    scientist talking about her experiment for 30 minutes? fuck fox news there
    a propaganda spitting bunch of retards

  • Queen Najae’


  • SLCforLIFE

    “It seems kind of obvious.” You fucking moron! There are NO MAJOR dangers.
    I would suggest smoking a vaporizer because it’s the healthiest way and
    also I wouldn’t smoke every day, but when you get those pains use it. Also
    I would make sure it’s out of your system a month before you give birth.
    Fox news is a bunch of bullshit