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Marijuana AKA Weed is Legal (sort of) Invest in Pot Stocks Now Boom or Bust this may be your last Chance How To Use Google Financ…
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Former Microsoft Manager To Start Premium Marijuana Company In Washington State

December 05, 2012 KOMO 4 News
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Cereal Marshmallows

    See more in My website Blog on http://www.StockGambles Tonight 01-01-14 WOW That
    looks Weird! This will Be a Interesting Year for the Stock Tickers FITX,
    HEMP, MJNA, CBIS, PHOT and I will be covering them and Investing Real
    Money… Boom or Bust..;-)

  • funkymango

    these are terrible longterm investments but good trades. huge swings. i
    been buying at 0.20, selling at like 0.34, wait for a drop buy again

  • HoschtonBoy

    Awesome Nathan. I don’t smoke anything anymore, drink or do anything like
    that but I sure do like the way you try to help thousands of people. Thank
    you for being you and I would like to see more of you this coming year.
    Take care dude!

  • Power Surge

    holy shit you have a lot of fitx that shit is at floating between .09 and
    11 cents now!

  • Stephen618IL

    This i think would be a good stock to invest in if you choose the right
    ones and thank you for letting me know how stocks work and how to follow. I
    like knowing to invest in it and what the out come can be.

  • bren seventies

    so I guess were all moving to Colorado 🙂 yay :)

  • Gill Terra

    Hi, cereal, hey i like the way you meke your videos,just keep going, you
    just gave us a good idea to star, you are good, thanks, by theway i have a
    91 mercedes300se, i would like to put for sale, is on a fare conditions
    with a 160xxx mills, 

  • Joel Dales

    I’ve never invested in stocks yet but I don’t want to miss out on the green
    rush. Money is tight right now so i’m wondering if this is truly worth the
    risk. I’m looking to spread $500 USD across at least 4 to 5 different
    companies. Is it worth it? Should I hold off a bit? Could the feds shut
    everything down?

  • Francis Nyarku

    I’m very excited for the future of Growlife(PHOT) stock.

  • Mark Devens

    how do you buy your stocks? etrade or something like that?

  • Michael Nielsen

    What are stocks cause I have no clue 

  • mikemer79

    Your a better than warren buffett :)

  • Jason Carpp

    I’m from Washington state, and although not for everyone, I’d like to be
    able to legally buy Marijuana. Never mind medical use, they should be
    allowed to use Marijuana for medicinal purposes. But what about
    recreational use of Marijuana? 

  • erika telalagic

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  • D C R

    Thanks for posting. Enjoyed watching

  • pipthief

    cbis, phot and fitx are all up huge if you have held on.

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  • 462ANIMAL
  • The Ultimate Cynic

    I’ll see to it that this fucking drug is completely eradicated. 

  • The Ultimate Cynic

    this video is the reason youtube has the dislike button. That junkie fucker
    should have been aborted.

  • Exiquio Cooper-Anderson

    Endo XP

  • Joe Sanders

    #Marijuana #Microsoft 

  • chocomalk

    Just ignore his product and let him fail, support the free market or grow
    it yourself. Next thing you know…MonSATAN!

  • chadinem

    Oh no!!! This is as bad an idea as Microsoft making their own web browser!

  • Digital Intent

    @1:53 That’s your high end buds? It may just be bad focus or angle but that
    looks like the low grade shit my dispensary sells. This dude should come
    down south. I got some nuclear green buds with hairs that look like lava.
    Damn, what a yuppy. Only been smoking for two years and now you feel
    knowledgeable enough to open up a high end dispensary? You are the epitome
    of a tool.

  • Marco W

    Wholly shit Jobs are been Created

  • chad briggs

    New Marijuana strain: Blue Screen of Death!

  • dj cubical

    Shut up nub.

  • Paul Webster

    Hola, ….oh bugger..!

  • Thomas Sparks

    Best of both worlds. There will still be a blackmarket and it’s legal to
    have an ounce…Now if we can just litigate the 5 nanogram legal driving
    limit. That is a ridiculus part of the law. It will be challenged all the
    way to the highest court allowed if the DUI’s start mounting up…

  • Maxwell Lorow

    1:27 “I can feel it” ya, so can I! Its called really great bud! lol

  • xxDaSnomanxx

    The rich get richer, fuck that when it is legal here I am still buying
    black market or just growing that shit myself.

  • Hillsillverr

    Yep just like how they did with tobacco.. Once the corps start mass
    producing, cost will become an issue, so they will have to make the product
    cheaper and cheaper and eventually you end up with synthetic tobacco! We
    must keep this product out of big corporations hands because the ruin

  • Making the Case

    Don’t like it? Grow your own. People will always be able to use research to
    protect themselves and there’s no guarantee they’re going to use chemicals.
    Marijuana is best grown indoors, where pests are possible but containable
    without chemicals, and weed is better quality and tastes better when grown
    without chemicals. Competition and consumer quality standards is what keeps
    it in check.

  • ionacaddy

    I love this video. It put’s a grin on my face and makes me excited just to
    think about “Premo” maryjane. Why can’t the government just decriminalize
    it and let the tax dollars speak for themselves.

  • Harry Tuttle

    Rich cunt wants to get richer. What’s new?