Legal marijuana in Oregon: A glossary of basic terms

Eureka Springs
liquid marijuana drink
Image by ★
April 2012 trip to Arkansas.

"Liquid marijuana" in Eureka Springs (just a rum drink).

Legal marijuana in Oregon: A glossary of basic terms
The consumer inhales vapors from heated marijuana, such as hash oil or dried flowers. Vape pens are portable devices that allow people to discreetly consume the drug. Tincture: A liquid form of marijuana that's ingested orally or in a drink. Tinctures …
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Colorado proposes edible marijuana ban, then retreats
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told state pot regulators they should limit edible pot on shelves to hard lozenges and tinctures, which are a form of liquid pot that can be added to foods and drinks. The suggestion sparked …
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Where pot is legal: Seattle cannabis edibles company hopes to bring product
DB3 employees operate machines to fill bottles with liquid marijuana concentrate, which will be marketed under the name ZootDrops. Patrick Devlin, one of the company's co-founders said they've developed a business that they could be duplicated in …
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