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Dad wants son to stop smoking pot
He lives at home, but makes bad choices by smoking pot! I have asked him to stop many times but he chooses to continue to smoke. I need advice as to what to do or how to stop the rage that blows up when he does this in my house. I know if I kick him …
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VIDEO: Iowa cop profiles disc golfer, says they all smoke weed
The driver, who posted the video to YouTube, was stopped for driving without his headlights on. After handing the … Now annoyed, the driver interrupts the officer, saying, “No, what I said is I'm not going to say one way or another whether I have …
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Almost as many teenagers smoke cannabis as cigarettes, study finds
Whereas in the 1990s it was regular smokers who tended to start using cannabis, it is now often the other way round following changing attitudes to tobacco, with weed smokers moving on to regular cigarettes. Professor Wayne Hall, from the National …
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