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States with medical marijuana have 25 percent fewer prescription overdose deaths
The rate of overdose deaths rose in all states over the study period. California, Oregon and Washington were the only three states with medical marijuana laws in place before 1999, while ten more joined by 2010. While the results seem to suggest that …
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Fewer Painkiller Deaths in States With Medical Pot
Access to medical marijuana is associated with 25 percent fewer prescription drug overdose deaths each year compared to states where medical pot is illegal, according to findings published Aug. 25 in JAMA Internal Medicine. What's more, states that …
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Medical marijuana amendment allows patient to 'get it forever,' doctor says
Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. (Colorado and Washington state have gone a step further by legalizing cannabis for recreational use, even though the cultivation, possession and use of the drug remains against …
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Misconception an obstacle to opening medical marijuana facility
Thiersch added, “Illinois' medical marijuana program's rules are much more conservative than rules in states like California, Colorado, Washington, and Arizona. By far, Illinois' medical marijuana will be the strictest in the nation. For instance …
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