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CT Pot Dispensary Opens Doors to Public
“Besides the inhalation and vaporizing, eventually there will be edibles, oils, capsules. Down the road they'll be strips that you can dissolve on your tongue,” dispensary manager Al Domeika said. Medical marijuana was approved by the state to treat …
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This is Your E-Cigarette on Drugs
A dab of wax in a vaporizer is the latest take on the ingestion of cannabis, which was first described by Herodotus in the 6th century BC. Of course, the primitive method of taking it then was to heat up stones inside of a tent and throw a wet mess of …
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In halls of academia, medical marijuana an unwelcome guest
Advocates point out that medical marijuana can be consumed in other ways, including by vaporizing the drug, eating cannabis-infused foods and drinks, or even taking a pill containing marijuana's active ingredient, THC. The ban on cannabis use …
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